Carragher and the day that Arbeloa took him to the limit: "I was close to hitting him"



Jamie Carragher a former Liverpool captain, remembered the day he almost hit Álvaro Arbeloa during a game, the episode in which he was closest to losing his nerves completely during his professional career.

Today's television commentator has put the anecdote in context comparing it to the performance of Michael Jordan on basketball courts, speaking of the documentary «The Last Dance »:« I am convinced that Jordan got into a lot of fuss with his teammates because he got too close to the line. When you're so passionate about something, it pushes you onto the line. And it is very difficult not to cross it. I myself was once on a soccer field and was close to hitting one of my teammates. I almost hit Arbeloa. ”

Carragher revealed what happened during a game against Bournemouth in which Liverpool was only playing for Pepe Reina to finish the season as the least goalscored goalkeeper, a minor goal which however took him to the limit: «Now I look back and I am not proud, but that will always happen at some point or another. If you are so intense, you will always want to win and there are times when you will cross the line. It was just frustration, nothing else, everything ended quickly. "

The person responsible for separating Carragher and Arbeloa to prevent them from reaching their hands was Xabi Alonso another member of the Spanish Liverpool of that time.

Carragher made, a month ago, other explosive revelations about Fernando Torres . The former network defender revealed that in the locker room of Liverpool they knew that they had cheated on Chelsea when the millionaire transfer of the striker was confirmed. «I had played with Torres throughout the year and was already a shadow of himself. That if, I think that for 18 months in Liverpool he managed to be the best striker in the world, "he explained.

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