Borré went to Colombia and the representative spoke of his future | River Plate

Borré went to Colombia and the representative spoke of his future | River Plate 5

Federico Del Rio

8:04 PM

The new extension of the preventive isolation dictated by the National Government led Rafael Borré to insist with permission to leave Argentina and together with his girlfriend, also Colombian, he decided to return to his country, where he must spend two weeks in his forties before moving. normally. The same had happened with Juan Fernando Quintero, who is already installed in Colombia. And while the striker got on the plane, his agent Helmut Wenning spoke about the footballer's future.

"Rafael today is from River, he is very happy there and has no interest in running away. Every South American player dreams of playing in Europe, but it has to be a very good offer for him, the club and Altético de Madrid," explained the Borré representative, referring to a possible sale of the striker. "There is interest, but nobody knows what is going to happen with all this and when it resumes. So I think that until a couple of months from now it will not be known what Rafael's future is. We had many questions about him," recognized the businessman in La Oral Deportiva.

After clarifying that the club gave him the key to return to Colombia, Wenning spared no praise for the importance that Marcelo Gallardo has had in the striker's evolution. "It is incredible, what we can say about him we fell short. We are very grateful, it is an out of the ordinary truth," he said and also referred to Diego Simeone, who directed it at Atlético Madrid and could have it again in his squad: "Simeone would be a coach that any player would like to have, but you have to wait to know what will happen because today it is very difficult to know anyone's future. We have to be patient because things are complicated."

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