Bianchi's first title as coach of Vélez

Bianchi's first title as coach of Vélez 5

Already 25 years had passed since the title of Vélez in Nacional 68 and after several frustrations it seemed that the time had come again for those of Liniers. A great campaign with Carlos Bianchi as coach seemed to lead him to the Olympic round but two dates after the end of the Clausura 93 Tournament the storm clouds appeared . Because the team lost at home against Central and Independiente – the rival they would receive on the last date – they won in Tucumán and stayed as an escort three points away.
It was a cold, rainy Tuesday. Details that serve to give the story those epic touches, which are easily recorded in the memories. Vélez had to visit Students and, beyond some doubts that had appeared, a triumph was the passport to glory . José Chilavert; Héctor Almandoz, Mauricio Pellegrino, Víctor Sotomayor, Raúl Cardozo; José Basualdo, Marcelo Gómez, Christian Bassedas, Walter Pico; José Flores and Esteban González were the 11 that started that afternoon in La Plata, which was also recorded because Chila became a criminal for the first time .
It was the other condiment necessary for the perfect ending, but Claudio Paris ruined everything when the end was close. He nailed the 1-1 with a barbaric shoe and, then, all the attention moved to Avellaneda where the Red received Belgrano at night with the chance of discounting a point and arriving with chances to the last working day. All Vélez had to live those 90 minutes glued to the radio to know what his destination would be. And the transmission without screaming, thanks to 0-0 meant that on June 8, 1993, Argentine soccer had a new champion: Vélez de Bianchi, who took his first step to transform himself more forth in Viceroy and in statue .
After the radio broadcast through (it was a time when the parties were not broadcasting live), the campus left the concentration to go to celebrate at the Amalfitani . They had achieved the title that had been elusive so many times with a team that grew stronger date after date. With the security of Chilavert in the arch, with a strong back that formed Trotta and Sotomayor with a young man Marcelo Gómez in the midfield, the football that Walter Pico and the goals of Turco Asad and Galle González provided (both with five screams were the ones that contributed the most).
The exits of Alejandro Mancuso and Ricardo Gareca, to Boca and Independiente respectively, before the start of that Clausura 93 seemed complicated for Vélez. More after he did not add large reinforcements to replace them. Bianchi had just arrived at the club, with no experience in Argentine soccer, and decided to bet on youth . He was not mistaken. They were fundamental for that first Olympic round of a squad to which he said that you had to "win everything like Milan". He wanted to imitate him so much that a year and a half later he would beat the Italian team precisely to become world champion …

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