Bayona, home of the J80 World Cup in 2023

Bayona (Pontevedra)


The Galician seafaring town of Bayonne will host the World J80 sailing class in 2023. This was announced this morning at a press conference by the president of the Monte Real Club de Yates, José Luis Álvarez, who was very proud that the club has been chosen to organize such a prestigious sporting event.

This will be the first time that the J80 World Championship has been held in Galicia, a community that It has been betting on this class for years with the celebration of numerous competitions and the progressive increase in the number of this type of 8-meter boats, which are currently 29 and have their main fleets in Bayonne and La Coruña.

With the year already set on the agenda but with the exact date of the event still to be determined, at Monte Real Club de Yates they are already beginning to pave the way to guarantee the success of the World Cup. Over the next two years, the club's board of directors plans to launch a full test drive to continue driving the J80 and encourage more owners to join the class.

To their usual J80 Autumn and Winter Leagues, in which the Galician fleet mainly participates; other regattas of national importance will add, such as the Spanish Cup or the Spanish Championship, which Monte Real hopes to organize before 2023.

It is, in short, about focusing on the final objective to achieve a world championship with the greatest possible participation of ships from different countries in the world, following in the wake of the other J80 world championships previously held in Spain, in Santander (2009), Sotogrande (2016) and Getxo (2019).

Bayona, home of the J80 World Cup in 2023 5

A great step to strengthen the “Spanish army”

This new World Cup awarded to Spain will be , without a doubt, a unique opportunity to consolidate a class that is already, at present, one of the most numerous in the country, with some 190 units (of which 130 compete in different parts of Spain) and very active fleets in Galicia, Cantabria, the Basque Country, Andalusia, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

Spain also has some of the best J80 sailors in the world, such as the five-time world champion, the Canary Rayco Tabares; the Cantabrian Pablo Santurde, who holds the title today after winning the Getxo World Cup last year at the controls of the M&G Tressis; or the runner-up of the world in 2018, the Basque Iker Almandoz.

The MRCYB's commitment to the J80 class

The award of the 2023 World Cup supposes an important accolade to the hard work of the Monte Real Club de Yates de Bayona to promote the J80 class in Galicia, which it has been betting on since 2012.

At that time, the club offered very advantageous conditions to the owners for the acquisition and the mooring of the boats. He also created two specific leagues for the competition of these monotypes exclusively and included specific regattas for them in the club's major competitions, such as the Conde de Gondomar Trophy or the Prince of Asturias Trophy.

Six years later of the appearance of the first J80s in Baiona, the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation granted the club the organization of the 2018 Spanish Championship. And just two years later, this new and great leap arrives, towards the 2023 World Cup. Baiona, the World Cup event will land in Denmark (2021) and Newport – United States (2022).

“In 2012 we brought the first J80s to Bayonne, we made it easier to buy boats and moorings, we created specific competitions for them, we included them in our most important trophies and just six years later, in 2018, We were selected to host the Spanish Championship. They were the first fruits of a great effort that gave us the impetus to continue working and that today allows us to be here announcing that in 2023 we will host the most important competition in the class "said José Luis Álvarez, President of the Monte Real Club de Yates.

“What is presented here today is, without a doubt, very good news for everyone, a very important event not only for Galicia but for all of Spain. We are fortunate that the World Cup will be held under the organization of a club with a great track record such as the Monte Real Club de Yates and in a unique place such as Bayonne. From the Royal Galician Sailing Federation they will have our full support ", pointed out Manuel Villaverde, President of the Royal Galician Sailing Federation

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