Basket Kaput. The Euroleague season is finally canceled

Basket Kaput. The Euroleague season is finally canceled 5
RESTAURANT JAMES It seems that the decisive factor was the basketball players themselves unwilling to end the season. The fact that most of them are not enthusiastic about the prospect of gathering again in the middle of summer and again getting in shape became clear as early as Saturday, during a video conference with players from all teams. CSKA leader Mike James, who had long gone home to America, wrote in one of the social networks that it’s pointless to play basketball when people cannot go out without a mask or eat in a restaurant. Personally, I couldn’t even kill to feel the logical connection between the mask on my face, a closed food service and the hypothetical return of James to the performance of his duties. To understand this profound thesis, my wretched brains were clearly not enough. But I perfectly remembered that James’s contract with the army would expire this summer, and in the event of the final cancellation of the end of the season, his Moscow salary would drop by five percent: from 85 from the original amount to 80. And the truth is: what is the point of dragging back across the ocean and working hard good two months? Although about restaurants, Mr. James, actually, lied. Even he has in the USA, which has long and firmly seized the sad status of the world center of the epidemic, still has regions where he can sit at a table and eat out of his home, observing minimal safety precautions. And in Europe, restaurant quarantines now abolish one country after another. In some places, they were not introduced at all. DIED SO DIED However, the jester with him, with James, god be his judge. Moreover, with the resumption of the Euroleague, the trio of our clubs would definitely be in a losing position. Teams from Spain, Serbia, Germany, and Turkey have been training slowly since mid-May, while in Russia the coronavirus has been raging with a delay and is starting to give slack only now, in the last days. While CSKA, “Khimki” and “Zenith” would have gathered all the legionnaires, for now, yes – you probably would have to play “from scratch”. And this is even in the best case, judging by the comments of the basketball players who took the ball in their hands after a long seat on the couch. Some of them weren’t even in the ring – at first they couldn’t even get into the bow. This morning, the Euroleague players' union also came out for the final cancellation of the season. After that, its president, Jordi Bertomeu, realized: it was tobacco. He did not even, as planned, conduct a vote of 11 clubs constantly participating in the tournament, and he was the first to propose to them to close the topic – they say, no, no, she died, she died. What was immediately approved and officially recorded. Basket kaput.Eh, and why did they fool us for almost three months? .. ALL CLUBS, INCLUDING KHIMKI AND ZENITH, REMAIN IN THE LEAGUE There was, however, another important question – the composition of the next Euroleague. With 11 “untouchables” (CSKA, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Basque Country, Panathinaikos, Olympiakos, Fenerbahçe, Ephesus, Maccabi, Zalgiris, Milan) everything was clear, the wild cards of Bavaria and Villeurbanne have been operating for another year, but what about the other five clubs? The Germans, Spaniards and the Adriatic League were determined to play their championships in June-July, but the VTB United League and the European Cup were cut off irrevocably and completely. What now awaits Zenit and Khimki? Fortunately, Bertomeu heeded the voice of reason and today announced an “amnesty”: all 18 teams that did not play the Euroleague 2019/20 will play in it in the 2020/21 season. Only eight quarter-finalists received similar guarantees in KE, including our UNICS (the tournament was stopped there just before the start of the playoffs), and everything else will be decided later. Well, to summarize. For two years in a row Russia will have three clubs in the main European competition. And CSKA will remain the continental champion during the same two years – by the way, for the first time in its history. Passing this title to the Turkish “Ephesus”, who was the leader in the “regular season” at the time when it was interrupted, would have been overkill, and they didn’t do it. Does it turn out that everything is fine? No, I wouldn’t say that. The main outcome of today's events: we will definitely not have cool basketball with Russian participation until the fall. They are already playing football, chess too, they are fighting in MMA with might and main, and basketball fans – a shish with oil. So we continue to smoke bamboo. The situation in the Euroleague-2019/20 at the time the regular season stopped 1. Ephesus (Turkey) – 24 wins-4 defeats
2. Real (Spain) – 22-6
3. Barcelona (Spain) – 22-6
4. CSKA (Russia) – 19-9
5. Maccabi TA (Israel) – 19-9
6. Panathinaikos (Greece) – 14-14
7. Khimki (Russia) – 13-15
8. Fenerbahce (Turkey) – 13-15 —————————————— ——–9. Альalgiris (Lithuania) – 12-16
10. Valencia (Spain) – 12-16
11. Olympiacos (Greece) – 12-16
12. Milan (Italy) – 12-16
13. Basque Country (Spain) – 12-16
14. Red Star (Serbia) – 11-17
15. Villeurbanne (France) – 10-18
16. Alba (Germany) – 9-19
17. Bavaria (Germany) – 8-20
18. Zenit (Russia) – 8-20

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