Bartomeu's commitment to women's football

Sergi FontBarcelona
  Updated: 06/03/2020 12: 06h
 Related newsSupporting and promoting women's football has been one of the priorities of Josep Maria Bartomeu since he became president of Barcelona. The president has worked to improve the conditions of the footballers, professionalize the section and design a team that will achieve titles. Last season, he already reached the Champions League final, in what was a historic milestone, and this year has seen how the section proclaimed itself the League champion, ending the hegemony of Atlético de Madrid . One of the architects of the team's success, which has been a true steamroller on the field of play, is its coach Lluis Cortés. The satisfaction in the club is so high that the coach has been automatically renewed for one more season. «I am very happy to share the magnificent news that we will continue to lead this project. It has been a different year a little strange, but full of success. We have managed to win the three disputed competitions and we hope to continue achieving successes in the next season, "explained Cortés in statements to the club's official media. Cortés, 33, took over the team in January 2019 to replace Fran Sánchez and since then the team has shown great strength in its game and results, counting the majority of matches by victories. Cortés' next challenge, after overwhelming the Iberdrola League, is to consolidate the team in Europe and reduce the difference that was seen in the last final against Olympique de Lyon where the difference between The level of Spanish and French or German football, with a more extensive career. Luis Cortés has won 46 of the 52 games played with only four defeats and two draws. The scoring record is even more overwhelming, with 181 goals for and only 27 against . The Catalans are waiting for UEFA to decide when and in what format they will play the Champions League quarterfinals, although it will probably be in August or September, after being paired with Atlético de Madrid . The semifinals of the Queen's Cup (Seville-Barça and Athletic-Logroño) and the final were postponed due to the Covid-19 health crisis.

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