Barovero-Pisculichi, the night that the Argentine couple from Burgos CF dazzled at the River Plate



The Burgos CF has begun to reinforce its squad for the 2020-21 season and the first officially announced incorporation has been that of the Argentine Marcelo Barovero goalkeeper from the Mexican Monterrey who will meet again in El Plantío with his compatriot and friend Leonardo Pisculichi. A couple of veterans (they are 36 years old) that is part of the history of River Plate for a match played in 2014 in which both were decisive in the return of the semifinals for the millionaire team to eliminate the Boca Juniors of the Copa Sudamericana . That night, the Monumental witnessed one of the most exciting superclassics remembered and both the goalkeeper and the midfielder conquered the heart of the millionaire hobby.

Antonio Caselli an Argentine businessman who in 2019 he bought the club from Burgos, he is the great architect that Bavovero and Pisculichi meet again on a playing field. The goalkeeper had offers to continue in the elite of Mexican soccer and also to return to his country, but the persuasion of the former leader of River and the presence in the squad of his former teammate and friend were definitive for him to commit to the entity of the Second Division Spanish B.

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Antonio and Franco Caselli

Caselli granted in December his son Franco the presidency of Burgos CF, who tries to build a competitive project with the objective of promoting to the Second Division or, by less, to become part of the new Second Elite B division that the Spanish Federation prepares for the 2021-22 course. The arrival of Barovero goalkeeper who in 2015 conquered the Copa Libertadores with the River Plate, is framed within that objective. A year before that success in the highest competition in America, the goalkeeper and Pisculichi had written an unforgettable page in the history of River.

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