Barovero explained why he is going to the Third in Spain | River Plate

Barovero explained why he is going to the Third in Spain | River Plate 5

Martín Feijóo

14:19 pm

The departure of Marcelo Barovero from Monterrey, Mexico, to cross the pond into Burgos, Spain attracted attention. The new Trapito team is active in the Spanish third division and will meet again with Leonardo Pisculichi in this new challenge. Beyond the offers he received from Argentine football, the tranquility of living in Europe has another tint for the goalkeeper.

"I chose something different from what is logical, but personally I am very motivated by this possibility and I choose the motivation at this point in my career" he explained in a chat with Super Fútbol. Barovero was very satisfied with the decision he made and eager to start defending Burgos.

In addition, he explained what were the main reasons for accepting the offer: " Moving to Spain is an option that I liked and that of my family. Soccer is a medium that opened many doors for me and now it opens this up for me I start a new commitment, it is a bit what I think, what I am looking for and I am happy. We are happy with these decisions, we wanted something more. "

  Barovero explained why he is going to the Third in Spain | River Plate 6
   The official presentation of Trapito in Spain. (Source: @Burgos_CF)

In addition, he stated that the fact that the owner of the club is Antonio Caselli a fanatic and a former millionaire leader, and Leonardo Pisculichi is on campus, was essential to make the decision. "Let them be there, my representative also did his part. Having familiar people helps, with Piscu we have a similar way of walking" Trapito explained.


To close, he gave his point of view to, in the future, have a second step for the Millionaire: " The truth is that when I left the decision was clear and forceful internally, I experienced wonderful things that I will never forget. One he doesn't want to be imprisoned by his words, there could be the possibility of coming back, I never give anything at all. If I had the crystal ball I would say it but we never know what can happen "

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