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Barcelona – Atltico (2-2)


Setin's team relapsed in their frustration and left the way clear to Real Madrid in the fight for the League.

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The Atlético players celebrate one of the goals.
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The night, lunatic, has an incomprehensible game, but with a predictable outcome. Three penalties, although four were dropped because the VAR reformulates our view. Two advantages of a frustrated Barcelona two immediate draws of a compliant Atltico . A rude encounter of Arturo Vidal the only offensive solution in the twilight. The stroke of genius of a Messi increasingly confused. The troubled day of Diego Costa executor of a goal in his own door at dawn, and denied by Ter Stegen in the penalty order to repeat Mateu Lahoz from the Las Rozas technological hideout. The substitutions of Joao Flix and Griezmann . How ephemeral is confetti and how quickly respect is lost. And, above all, the feeling that everything remains the same. Simeone has never won at Camp Nou . To Barcelona the League continues to escape without remedy. Because Messi took out a skull and Diego Costa who was waiting at the near post, lost sight of the ball and saw how the leather bounced off his thigh before sneaking into his goal.

The Spanish-Brazilian striker soon had the option to redeem himself. He soon demonstrated that once again the Camp Nou would be the focus of torment. It was the same stadium where a year ago he won eight sanction matches for insulting the referee. Arturo Vidal took Carrasco ahead, a pual on the shore of Semedo . And Diego Costa, who was responsible for the penalty kick, saw Ter Stegen guess his intentions. Little import. The referee ordered the shot to be repeated after the VAR indicated that Ter Stegen was no longer touching the goal line with either foot. Salt did not fail.

The tie allowed Atlético to back down, while Barcelona, ​​who appreciated for many stretches the presence of Riqui Puig in the upper vertex of the rhombus, had no other to entrust to his pantocrtor.

Before the darkness there are always those who find some light. Messi stood up to one of the most extravagant moments of the entity. Also to Oblak . And, of course, he looked directly at his own legend. So with 1-1 on the scoreboard, and after Semedo took a penalty from Felipe, he took the ball to caress it. Advance. I waited for the goal and homage to Panenka to expire. Even if it was a baffling night.

The duel had already confirmed many of the suspicions. The Atlético, after an effervescent start, chose to maintain order while waiting for better times. That was not his fight. Barcelona, ​​who wanted to go forward, simply could not move forward. Either because of that feeling of sporting satiety that troubled him so much, either because the technical area never offered a single solution to such a traffic jam.

The president Bartomeu could not attend the duel . He had had to witness another collapse in Valencia, that of the final of the ACB of that basketball squad which he loaded with stars to be led by Svetislav Pesic (70 years). If nothing happens by chance in the world of sports, much less in the entertainment industry. To the Messi soccer team, where the hierarchical power exceeds the influence of every coach, Bartomeu put him in January in the hands of Quique Setin (61 years old). I thought that the pennant cruyffista cartel would limit the criticism of a broken government. Regardless of whether the coach ended up prioritizing survival over aesthetics [thistimehetoucheda 4-4-2, with Arturo Vidal as a man for everything and for nothing]and that the footballers, In front of a coach with no titles to boast of, they would quickly disregard his commandments.

One only had to take a look at that first time-out of the game – hydration break they call it – to show the different authority of Setin and Simeone regarding their subordinate theorists. On the Barcelona side, drink water. On the rojiblanco side, it sounded as if there were a tables perched on a rock.

He was able to celebrate Simeone at ease 2-2 after Semedo cut the advantage brought by Messi and brought down in the area Carrasco . Ter Stegen brushed the ball with his fingers on the penalty again scored by Sal.

Setin was no longer over. Messi stares at the ground. Ansu entered in 85. Griezmann in 90. And Barcelona is seen under Lowry's volcano. Man only shouts in vain against death.

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