Barcelona 2 – Atltico 2: No one listens to Setin: "I don't feel discussed" | LaLiga Santander 2019

Quique Setin, again, punished Antoine Griezmann with the substitution. But the greatest punishment was taken by the Bara again. The azulgrana left two more points in a fight for the League that is increasingly complicated. The technician, despite everything, does not think he is in the crosshairs. "I do not feel discussed, at all," he told Movistar LaLiga after the match.

"I feel like what I am, as a coach. As the coach," stressed the coach, who wanted to give I especially love the rival for the tie instead of looking for demerits in his. "I'm pretty happy. We couldn't have harmed this team more, although we have put ourselves two times ahead. That gave us enough confidence and we controlled quite well, but it is not easy, because Atlético is a strong defensive team, with players They are very disciplined. I am happy, both for the work of the players and for the way in which we have planned the match, "he said.

The footballers of Bara, as he reiterated in the press room, are also without doubt at his side. "I obviously feel supported by the dressing room, but I'm not going to reveal what was said at the meeting with the board or how it developed," said a Setin who, despite everything, says he feels strong. "I think the team has played a great game. It is true that there can be a lot of loud noise, but inside we are convinced that we can get ahead. The result detracts from many of the things we do well, but we continue to be strong, wanting to win the points that we have left. This is what we have done so far and what we are going to do until the end, "he asserted.

Regarding the second consecutive substitution of Antoine Griezmann, who entered with the 90th minute of the regulatory time already fulfilled, his explanations were somewhat convoluted. What is clear is that, in his ideology, there are some pieces that are completely non-negotiable. "I see Griezmann well, but they can't all play. Maybe it's not logical to get him out at the last minute, but you always think that a player like him can do something in the end. I haven't gotten him out before because the others were playing a good game Riqui Puig was doing well, Luis Surez must always be kept on the field and Leo, well, the same. It was not easy to find a place without destabilizing the team, "said Setin.

Simeone's surprise

Diego Pablo Simeone, his former coach, was forceful in expressing his surprise at the late entry of the French. "Wordless," he merely pointed out. "It seems very correct to me," Setin replied in the first instance in the press room. "I do not entirely agree that not putting it is a waste. It is true that this is not normal, he is an important player and it is hard to remove him with so little missing, but circumstances have forced me to do so. I could have made another decision, how not to remove it, for example. Those who were doing it well … I don't usually make the changes so late, except to waste some time, and you trust that a player like him with a punctual action can solve ", he stressed.

"Talking to him, not apologizing, because it is a decision I have to make, but I understand that he tasted bad. And also for him, because he is a great soccer player and a great person", The Barca coach abounded, who confessed that, perhaps, he should give Luis Surez some rest. "The reality is that surely he should not play as much, but we are forcing him because the situation requires it. You all know the goals that these two footballers, Luis Surez and Leo Messi have scored. It is true that sometimes you have to give up certain things But I'm happy. The other day we almost solved the game with two extraordinary goals, "he explained. Who left really strengthened, meanwhile, was a Riqui Puig from whom he assured that he has undoubtedly earned the title.

Sergio Busquets for his part , complained about the effect of the two maximum penalties indicated in favor of the Atlantic. Both penalties have penalized us a lot, the midfielder complained in Movistar LaLiga. Live, it's difficult. Each team expects the VAR to work in their favor. Live you see one thing and on television you see another, the player pointed out in relation to the protests for the repetition of the first maximum red and white penalty.

To fight for the title, leaving two more points is giving too much advantage , but, until mathematically the opposite is said, we will fight until the end, stressed a Busquets who wanted to leave, as a thread of hope, that the image of the team has improved. Before the break, the situation was favorable for us. There were games in which we were worse, but against Atlético we have shown our faces. If Madrid wins, we will move further away from the leadership, but we have to continue our business, he said.

The Sarabia breaks

After the Balados controversy, the hydration breaks were in the spotlight. In the first, it cannot be said that there was a particularly rare environment on the Catalan side. Eder Sarabia touched Piqu's arm in the first instance in a friendly way while he made some comment, then briefly spoke with Luis Surez, Messi and Riqui Puig and ended up talking to Semedo and Lenglet. Quique Setin, for his part, preferred to focus on Ivan Rakitic . It cannot be said that there was attention but, to tell the truth, neither that the Barcelonists were particularly attentive to the indications. was formed around Diego Pablo Simeone . Poor him, for sure, he missed some of his words. The rojiblanco coach lives the matches with enormous intensity. And that, of course, is reflected in this kind of downtime that is the hydration breaks. Setin, on the other hand, begins to remember much of Valverde's phlegm. In fact, it hardly even celebrated the 1-0.

In the second part, perhaps on notice, the Barça image was very different. This time, there was no dispersal. And Messi paid a little more attention to the instructions of Sarabia . The Argentine, at the break, had waited a bit to make some comments Hernndez Hernndez. In fact, his protests when he repeated the penalty that meant 1-1 were already very intense, like that of other teammates. However, who was reprimanded, in addition to Ter Stegen was a Piqu who already has 14 yellow cards so far in the league and is once again a suspension card. Also now is a card away from missing a game Messi himself, who saw yellow for moving the ball away when protesting a foul marked in a recovery.

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