Balearic grassroots football unites to alleviate the economic impact of Covid on its youth squads

  Updated: 05/23/2020 17:40
 One of the great concerns of modest football is how it will affect their lower teams, largely supported by the contributions of the children who are active in them, the economic crisis that the coronavirus will generate in many families. Presidents and managers are aware that next season there will be parents who will not be able to meet the quotas for their children to continue playing soccer, so they are looking for solutions to help their youth squads as much as possible. In this sense, twenty Balearic amateur football clubs on the island of Palma have agreed to join efforts to reduce the economic impact caused by the measures resulting from the isolation and cessation of sports activity decreed in the face of the coronavirus pandemic . As confirmed by the Palma Football Club Platform in a statement, each club, to the extent of its possibilities, must "make an effort to identify reduction margins of the contributions required from families to finance the sports activity of the next season". They explain that they have reached that agreement because they are "aware of the uncertainty and financial difficulties that each club will find itself in, aware of the social mission" that they carry out and of the difficulties that many families face. "We want to highlight that, after a broad and participative joint reflection, we have decided to take a common position in the general interest of the families who believe in us and in football. We also want to state that, hand in hand with the Federation of Balearic Islands Soccer, we will try to return to soccer life in the most normal way possible for everyone, "they point out. The agreement between the clubs was adopted at a meeting held by videoconference in the who evaluated “the current situation and the scenarios related to the coming season.” With the motto “Together we will win this match,” the statement is signed by the ADC Colegio San Pedro, Agrupación Deportiva Son Sardina, Club Atlético Rafal, CD Ferriolense, CD CIDE, CD San ​​Alonso, CD San ​​Francisco, CD San ​​Roque Also CD Son Cladera, CD Santa Catalina Atlético, Club Esportiu, Club Recreativo La Victoria, Colegi Santa Mónica, Club Esportiu Sant Jordi, SD La Salle, Juventud Mallorca, La Unión CF, Sporting Ciutat de Palma, SCD Independiente Camp Redó, UD Rotlet Molinar and UD Collerense.

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