Bakayev’s virus, Zobnin’s antibody, Pogrebnyak’s pneumonia, and Glushakov’s contract with CSKA

Bakayev’s virus, Zobnin’s antibody, Pogrebnyak’s pneumonia, and Glushakov’s contract with CSKA 5
BAKAEV INFECTED, ZOBNIN ALREADY OVERCOME “Spartacus gathered at its base on Saturday , where players will prepare for several weeks to resume the championship of Russia. As part of the red and white, Zelimkhan Bakaev, who has a coronavirus infection, is absent. The midfielder has remained in Moscow and, according to him, is doing well. The head of Spartak’s medical headquarters Mikhail Butovsky also said that Bakayev was feeling well, saying that “the player has been placed in home quarantine and does not have any clinical manifestations of the disease, since it it is asymptomatic. ” In the near future, Zelimkhan will undergo an additional examination. Another midfielder of Muscovites Roman Zobnin, as it turned out, had already suffered the disease. Analysis showed the presence of antibodies in the player’s blood, and at the moment he is completely healthy. The red-white coaching staff in the person of head coach Domenico Tedesco and his assistants Andreas Hinkel and Max Urvanchka, as well as football players Samuel Gigot, Gus Til sat down for two weeks , Alex Kral and Jordan Larsson. All of them returned from Europe earlier this week and underwent testing that did not reveal any signs of the virus. Recall that Spartak boss Leonid Fedun is continuing treatment at a Moscow hospital. BURNER: "WHO DOESN'T BELIEVE IN CORONAVIRUS, THAT IS A FOOL" Bakaev is already the seventeenth case in the RPL, including club personnel and their leaders who have been diagnosed with Chinese infection, and Zobnin, it turns out, is the eighteenth. Or vice versa. The day before we reported that the former Spartak player, and now the Ural striker Pavel Pogrebnyak, got the coronavirus together with his wife and children. His wife Maria yesterday told about the condition of her family. “Today is the third day of the disease! My sense of smell has disappeared, I feel absolutely nothing! Awful feeling! Weakness! There was a sore throat, it is simply impossible to even take a sip of water. The husband is in the hospital, undergoing treatment. Bilateral pneumonia, ”wrote Pogrebnyak on Instagram. Paul himself thanked actor Mikhail Boyarsky, a passionate Zenith fan who Pogrebnyak had previously played for, for his support. The footballer also appealed to those who do not believe in the existence of COVID-19. “Mikhail Sergeyevich greetings. It is very pleasant that he supported me. Thank! I want to wish everyone to monitor their health and not get sick with coronavirus. Whoever doesn’t believe that coronavirus exists is a fool. ” GLUSHAKOV COULD GO TO CSKA, ZENIT, ANZHI AND GROWTH Another ex-Spartak player, now Akhmad midfielder Denis Glushakov told about how he could go to CSKA in 2011. “My contract with Lokomotiv was ending,” Glushakov recalled. – Other teams began to come to me. Including CSKA. There was a personal meeting with Eugene Giner. We have agreed all the conditions. I was even given a copy of the contract. My mother is still at home. But in the end, nevertheless, we agreed with Lokomotiv. I had a very good relationship with head coach Jose Couceiro. And I stayed, extended the agreement. ”Glushakov confirmed that when speaking for Loko, he received offers not only from CSKA, but also from Zenit and Anji. And after leaving Spartak he could go to Rostov. He noted that he was contacted by the head coach of the team Valery Karpin. "At one point, Karpin wrote:" Hello, game player, how are you, what moods? " I replied: “It's normal, while the contract with Spartak.” He said that if, then he would call me later. But then they probably didn’t sell someone, to Roma Eremenko. ” FOOTBALL RETURNED IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC, AND IN SPAIN STARTING JUNE 8 The Czech Republic resumed the football championship on May 23. In the first game, Teplice was defeated by Slovan 2-0. As part of the hosts, two pupils of Krasnodar, Yevgeny Nazarov and Igor Paradin, entered the field. The second round after the restart of the season is taking place in the German Bundesliga. The leader of the tournament, Bayern Munich defeated Eintracht at home – 5: 2. Another goal from the leader of the scoring race Robert Lewandowski. The Pole’s account has already 27 goals, despite the fact that he missed several matches due to an injury before the championship stoppage. Bayern scored 61 points, four points ahead of Dortmund Borussia, which defeated Wolfsburg on Saturday – 2: 0. Meanwhile, two more European countries decided on the return of football. La Liga received permission from the authorities to resume examples. The Spanish Championship will return on June 8, as stated by Chairman of the Government Pedro Sanchez. According to him, a letter was sent to the leadership of the league. At the same time, some players from Spanish clubs fear for their health and do not want to play in the current situation. If in Spain we are talking about restarting the 2019/20 season, France has announced the start date for the new season – on August 23, League 1 will start, and League 2 will play in the afternoon earlier – on the 22nd. Dates are preliminary and not yet approved. Officially, this can only be announced at the end of the meeting of the UEFA executive committee to be held on June 17. Recall that France decided not to play out the 2019/20 season because of the difficult situation with coronavirus in the country. KOVALCHUK REMEMBERED CHILDHOOD IN Khrushchev Washington Capitals striker Ilya Kovalchuk explained why he was not urging people to stay home because of the coronavirus pandemic. He said that many asked him to post on Instagram so that he urged people not to go out. “I remember my childhood when we lived in a two-room apartment in Khrushchev. And I can’t imagine how I’ll tell people to sit in such an environment for more than two months. Especially when you run out of money, and you can’t buy milk and bread. It is strange that this can happen in the 21st century. Let it all be over soon, and we will return to normal life. People will get on their feet, start earning money and smile again, ”the official site of the NHL quoted Kovalchuk as saying. The only plus that Ilya sees in self-isolation is the opportunity to be with his family. From the age of 16 he has to constantly be on the road, which is why he spends little time with his family. Now such an opportunity has appeared, so Kovalchuk, according to him, is very happy to stay at home.

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