Auzqui, near Monterrey: how much money would River enter? | River Plate

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The Millionaire Page


Carlos Auzqui is one of the footballers on loan and must return to River after June 30. The striker who played last season in Lanús is closely followed by Monterrey de México, and a formal offer could come to Núñez in the next few hours.


In principle, the proposal would be close to a million dollars as reported by TNT Sports. Lanús was interested in acquiring a new loan for the attacker, but given this possibility of sale, that chance will be ruled out at least until the situation with the Mexicans is resolved.

It should be noted that Auzqui, 29, was hired by the Millionaire in early 2017 from Students. In mid-2018 it was loaned to Hurricane, and then the same thing happened with the Garnet. In River he played 42 official matches and scored 4 goals.

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