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The French striker, who plays as he lives, between genius and ridicule, faces his fourth season at the Barça club ready to resume an uncertain career towards stardom

 Ousmane Demb

Ousmane Dembl, in a match with Barcelona.

The Ousmane Dembl lives in extreme contradiction. Live and play the fine line between genius and ridicule. The applause of derision

He makes his companions laugh when he opens his eyes with the breadth of someone who understands little or nothing. In fact, Leo Messi has him in special esteem. But he also despairs the locker room when he gets wrapped up in the sheets. Face without fear (3.3 dribbles completed per game in the Champions League; 1.8 in the League). Although daring costs him to lose balls (10 per game). Shoot hard and effectively. But he rarely does it without having cut first. The torment for defenders is not knowing which leg will be the stake that remains stuck in the ground, and which foot will end up hitting the ball. In turn he scored after cutting with the left and kicking with the right. In the last game against Betis he did it the other way around. And he also took the net.

Dembl is a footballer capable of missing seemingly simple passes and making a mark on the walls. But his football of voracious conduction to space marries the verticality proposed by Ronald Koeman from an unpopulated and double-pivot midfield. In contrast, the French winger is unable to back down when his defensive peer decides to attack his back. The btico side lex Moreno enjoyed one of the afternoons of his life at the Camp Nou, seeing that no one would follow him. Dembl has played 82 games with Barcelona (22 goals and 17 assists). And 78 has been lost due to injury.

The problem is that we are already in the fourth season, and we still do not know whether to end up being a world star, or a footballer who stayed on the hint, they admit from the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, from where they agree to what was expressed in the last hours by the former sports vice president of Barcelona, ​​ Javier Bordas . Faced with the situation of making up for the absence of Neymar after his flight to the PSG, Robert Fernndez and Pep Segura prioritized Dembl's arrival, not Mbapp . For the former Borussia Dortmund footballer, the Barça team paid the highest amount ever paid to the club for a transfer: 105 million euros plus another 40 in incentives. Yes, they were those times when Barça executives spoke of unfair competition from state-clubs while they opened the safe wide ( Coutinho came later in exchange for 160 million; and later Griezmann for 135 million). time of waste that the pandemic has finally undressed.

Neither renovation nor transfer

Dembl's duality, in any case, has been disconcerting for years a Barcelona that does not quite know what to do with it . The extreme refused last summer to leave on loan to Manchester United before the urgency of the Barça club to reduce its monstrous salary mass (the annual salary of the extreme is around 12 million euros). But the footballer also refused to renew his contract. They suspect in the offices of the Camp Nou that the extreme intends to exhaust their ties (June 30, 2022) and thus be able to choose the appropriate path to a stardom that still resists him. The responsibility will fall on the president who is chosen in the elections of next January 24. One week after the winter market expires

Trusting Dembl has never been easy. They know in Barcelona that despite the fact that the Frenchman has corrected some of the bad habits with which he arrived in Barcelona in his day -especially the one that refers to food and rest at night-, there has been no way to interpret his microworld: Samuel Umtiti his guardian angel in the dressing room; Moustapha Diatta his friend and assistant; and Malick Dembl one of his coughs. They all take care of him in Barcelona. The latter, by the way, awaits a sanction after he was detained by the Urban Guard last week, according to El Pas . The footballer's family member showed the agents false documentation after burning his electric Audi in the Ronda de Dalt.

Injured Ansu Fati although Coutinho recovered, Koeman continues trying to understand Dembl, whom Didier Deschamps has not played for France for two years. In that November 2018, curiously, he scored in the Metropolitano.

Heaven and hell always frolic around their bewildering wobble.

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