Athletic and Mallorca present compensations for their subscribers for closed-door matches



Only 10 days after the League resumes, the teams continue to describe how they will compensate their fans for the games they will not be able to enjoy in their stadium due to the pandemic of COVID-19 . The last to do so have been Athletic Club and Mallorca so there are already 15 Primeran teams that have unveiled the compensation measures for their amateurs.

The Bilbao club, for the moment, offers an early refund of 21% of the annual membership fee pending other compensation measures to be approved by the General Assembly . While Mallorca has announced a refund of 25% of the subscription this season.

The case of Athletic Club is something special. In the rojiblanco club, as it is not a public limited company, members pay an annual fee (from January to December) which, among other things, entitles them to access the matches held in San Moms. However, any modification on the fees must be approved at the General Assembly, which is also in charge of giving the go-ahead to the accounts and budgets of the club.

A 21% refund for four parties that cannot be seen in San Mamés

However, in "attention to members who may have financial difficulties ", the Athletic Board of Directors has taken the decision to offer the possibility of" requesting an advance on account of 21'05% on the annual fee ". A measure that it takes without having to wait for the General Assembly to be held, but which will be put to a vote in it.

That 21% is the amount that Athletic has estimated for the four parties that its members will not be able to see in San Mamés . And, although the 'lions' had six games left to watch in their fief, the duels against Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid had been declared "Club Half-Days" and had to be paid separately. In fact, the returns for those parties began to be made on March 16 and now its term is extended to July 25.

Later, when the General Assembly is held, the Board of Directors will propose "as a basis for quantify the compensation 70% of the fee ", to understand that it is the part that" is directly related to the development of professional football. "

In this sense, clarifies that the annual fee, in addition to allowing" enjoy of matches in San Mamés ", also" contributes to developing activities "such as" the formation of the quarry ", the" development of women's football "or" maintenance of the Lezama facilities ".

As for the matches of the next 2020-2021 season, which it is not yet known whether or not they will be able to attend San Mamés, the Board of Directors will present a proposal with which to compensate members for the matches played behind closed doors in 2020.

Four different forms of compensation

For this, Athletic will offer four different compensation "formulas", among which stand out the refund in the event that the partner has requested an advance of 21% percent of the fee; or the discount of that percentage in the annual fee of 2021.

In addition, the Basque club also offers the possibility of "an Athletic Bonus equivalent to the financial amount resulting plus an additional 25 percent to consume indiscriminately "in its official stores and restaurants. And finally, the possibility of donating that amount for "the support of the agreed clubs".

25% refund for not being able to go to Son Moix

Mallorca, for its part, will return a quarter of the price of the 2019 season tickets- 2020 and details various alternatives to obtain this reimbursement, with the aim that subscribers “can enjoy the club and have a one hundred percent Mallorcan experience.”

One of the return options is the reintgegro in cash, but whoever does not want can choose between other options. In this sense, Mallorca says it will create "a solidarity stand where fans can donate tickets to all those who have been in the front line of the fight against COVID-19 and show their appreciation during the match ”.

You can also participate" in a major Mallorquinista 'dyad' aimed at supporters of the Peñistas ", and there is the option that vermilion fans can " experience the sensations of a player training in the sports city or playing a game at the Son Moix stadium. ”

Finally, the club reports that the choice of the desired compensation" can be made from June 15 through the portal from the subscriber of the club's website with all the options there will be ”.


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