Athletes who have tested positive for coronavirus



The coronavirus has shown that it makes no distinction between sexes, professions, ages, or nationalities. And the world of sports is not spared from contagion either.

These are some of the athletes who have tested positive for the coronavirus:

Daniele Rugani : Juventus is the first Serie A athlete to be infected. His positive has quarantined all of Juventus, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Inter Milan. The player has no symptoms.

Trey Thompkins : Real Madrid basketball player. His positive has also created some chaos in the white entity, in quarantine for both the basketball and soccer sections. Zidane has organized individualized training sessions for the players to carry out at home.

Fernando Gaviria : The Colombian cyclist does not present serious symptoms either, but he announced through social networks that his tests tested positive .

Rudy Gobert : Utah Jazz basketball player tested positive for coronavirus after making a bad taste prank on the press room, playing the microphone and the table he was sitting on.

Donovan Mitchell : Gobart's partner in the Utah Jazz, also tested positive.

Timo Hübers : Hannover 96 footballer is the first to test positive in the Bundesliga, he will remain at home in quarantine for the next d Although he was infected in a personal act, he was later in contact with his colleagues.

James Horn : Hübers' partner in Hannover also tested positive, the second case in the Bundesliga.

Manolo Gabbiadini : striker for Sampdoria, tested positive for coronavirus and is the second infected Serie A player. "He has a little fever, but he's fine."

Vangelis Marinakis : President of the Greek Olympiakos, thus announced his contagion: "The new virus has 'visited' me and I have been forced to report it to the public. I feel good because I am taking the necessary measures and following all the medical advice. I strongly advise all my fellow citizens to do the same. I wish everyone a speedy recovery. ”

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