Athletes are flushed studies



María Pérez champion of Europe on the march, has just sent her last practice when she picks up the phone to attend ABC. They are busy days for her, and that, after the postponement of the Olympics the training load is minimal for what she is used to. In the absence of championships or matches, athletes like her face other tests these days in the form of final exams. Many have taken advantage of the absence of competitive activity to promote their studies, sometimes cornered by high competition and who have been brought to the fore by the coronavirus pandemic.

«Within the disgrace we are experiencing and what Sad that it is all that is happening, these days have been good for me because the head has only thought about studying, studying and studying ", explains Pérez, an applied student who has a handful of subjects left to finish Early Childhood Education at Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM) . The personalized method of this center allows athletes like her to follow a plan appropriate to their activity at all times, with tutors who adapt work and exams to the competition.

 Paco Cubelos reviews his notes "width =" 220 "height =" 220
Paco Cubelos reviews his notes

“Normally, in an Olympic year we have assumed that it is very difficult for them and that we have to help them with their sporting goal and not be a distraction. That perspective has totally changed this year and many of them have seen an opportunity in the pandemic to advance the subject and take their subjects forward and, from what we have been able to see in the partials that they have done so far, the result is being positive » , recognizes Juan Alfonso García vice-dean of the Faculty of Sport and one of the tutors who for years have supervised the academic path of some of the best athletes in the country.

Be prepared

The UCAM has been commissioned to bring almost everyone under their umbrella until they become, in their own right, sports university. In total, more than 450 athletes are trained with the support of COE in their virtual classrooms, which has made their distance learning easier in times of coronaviruses, in which uncertainty invites us to think about the future more than ever.

« It is inevitable that you turn your head more because you realize that in a moment life changes you and you can be left with nothing. This time it was a pandemic, which we thought was something from another era, but in the future it may be something else. You have to be prepared, because you never know what can happen. Training is a mattress and an extra preparation to face life. The more training you have and the more curious you are, the better, because when we finish our sports life what we are not going to have is work experience ", assumes Paco Cubelos, canoeist champion of Europe and runner-up in the world.

Confined to his home in Talavera these days, waiting for normal activity to resume and to open the residence Blume del CAR in Madrid, in Talavera The hours lengthen it more than ever. "It's amazing, because sometimes I get to the end of the day and it gives me time to lie down on the sofa and watch some series. Little pleasures that I usually don't have. Normally, between going to and from the swamp, training and physical preparation, I hardly had a time to study after dinner and go to bed, "explains the manchego, a student of Business Administration and Management.

Cubelos has taken advantage of this free time to press and present himself to four subjects. One more than I had planned. A world for an elite athlete like him. Her case is not unique, since also Mireia Belmonte (swimming), Damián Quintero (karate) or the sisters Eva and Marta Calvo (taekwondo) gave a I boost their careers these months. Your academic notes will arrive in a few days and will put you a little closer to the final objective, as the Olympic event approaches, whose horizon is still far away, but which is not lost sight of at any time.

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