Artem Dziuba: Zenit is an early champion – this is dishonest

Forward of Zenit and the Russian national team Artem Dziuba commented on the upcoming resumption of the Russian championship. The restart of the RPL tournament is scheduled for June 21. “Only those who doubt themselves or are unprofitable do not want to continue,” Dzyuba said in an interview with Match TV. – Someone is in a convenient place. We immediately wanted to finish the game. And to get the championship on the field, and not to be announced somewhere first. Therefore, we are very glad that the championship will resume again soon. We’ll try to win. Of course, I have already heard that we are in unequal conditions, because Zenit didn’t dismiss the legionnaires. It feels like this is a Zenith problem. Leadership, coaches were able to leave the guys, and someone in other clubs said – go relax. And this is also a claim to us! Fabulously simple! What is striking is that something is wrong for someone all the time. “Zenith” early champion is dishonest. Let's finish the game – we are in unequal conditions. And how then should be done? Maybe Zenit will simply not participate then, and will everyone else play? I think you just need to focus on the positive and play. All the same, all the same, will gradually return! Germany is even more interesting to watch the same Germany without spectators! ”After 22 rounds, the current Zenit champion leads by 9 points ahead of Lokomotiv and Krasnodar. The 31-year-old Dziuba leads the list of top scorers in the tournament, scoring 13 goals in 21 matches. Also on his account 10 assists.

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