Andrei Arshavin: Rostov lacks the solidity and spirit of a winner

Andrei Arshavin, a well-known player in the Russian national team and St. Petersburg Zenit, expressed the view that Rostov still lacks the spirit of a winner and a certain solidity. “It seems to me that Rostov lacks the spirit of a winner. In this configuration, the team is still young. If in the place of “Rostov” in the match with CSKA (3: 2) there was “Zenith” or the same “Lokomotiv”, then these teams would surely have brought the matter to victory. “Rostov” has no solidity and the spirit of a winner, ”commented an expert on Match TV on the home defeat of Rostovs from Moscow Lokomotiv 1: 3. Rostov with 38 points ranks fourth in the RPL standings. Loko is second with 41 points. Marat Safin: In our sport, a lot of things look ridiculous. The ex-first racket of the world is about Daniil Medvedev and Maria Sharapova, Fedor Smolov and Snoop Doge, as well as dislike for sports. 02/28/2020 2:00 p.m. Tennis Klyuchnikova Anastasia Novak, Emperor of Australia. Djokovic won the Australian Open for the eighth time. Novak Djokovic defeated Dominic Tim in five sets, having recovered from the score 1: 2 in batches, and won his 17th Grand Slam tournament, the eighth of them in Melbourne. And at the same time – again became the first racket of the planet. 02.02.2020 18:43 Tennis Nikolay Mysin The regional head in Canada said no to Shcherbakova, Kostornaya and Trusova. 2020 World Cup canceled The authorities of the province of Quebec canceled the world championship, which was to be held in Montreal from March 18 to 21. The reason is the same – the coronavirus epidemic. 03/12/2020 00:15 Figure skating Tigay Lev Yashkin headed for CSKA. Dynamo won the series against Spartak. In a historic match without spectators, blue and white squeezed red and white (3: 2OT). In the second round of the playoffs, we are waiting for the second Moscow derby – CSKA against Dynamo. 03/12/2020 22:15 Hockey Domrachev Vladislav, Fedorovsky Alexander Alexander Kokorin: We need to finish off this virus, and then play the championship Sochi victory over Krasnodar brought Zenit championship closer (blue-white-blue again torn off nine points). A considerable merit in this belongs to the striker of the St. Petersburg club, which stands for Sochi residents on a rental basis. 03/15/2020 18:07 Football Sergeev Ivan You will be surprised, but some are still running. And Bee almost won World Cup against Fourcade. Despite the epidemic of coronavirus and the mass cancellation of competitions around the world, the Finnish Kontiolahti kicked off the biathlon KM stage. 03/12/2020 19:30 Biathlon Tigay Leo Bravo, Edward! Bravo, Karim! Russians became fourth in the relay, but Latypov and Khalili lit Norwegians won the men's relay at the World Cup in Nove Mesto. Russians are the fourth. 03/07/2020 20:30 Biathlon Chikiris Oleg Medvedev in hibernation. What happens to the best tennis player in Russia? Daniil Medvedev has lost three of the last four matches and is not in the best mood for preparing for the first Masters of this year. Soviet Sport studied the situation in which the fifth racket of the world resides. 02/26/2020 11:00 Tennis Mysin Nikolay This is above all interests. Like Ronaldo, Pogba and other stars help in the fight against the epidemic Coronavirus appeared in the world as a litmus test. As if to find out what values ​​prevail in society. How does this or that people live. For whom each human life is important, and for whom the show-off is more valuable than life. 03/15/2020 22:00 Football Kuznetsov Dmitry "Yokerit" leaves? The season in the KHL will be closed, and CSKA Jokerit will be declared the champion, refused to continue the fight in the playoffs. So far, this is insider information that the Finnish club has denied. Should the league close the season soon? 03/14/2020 14:09 Hockey Sergey Ivanov

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