And the bird, Chendo, killed the shotgun, Maradona



Chendo, Butragueño, Ricardo Gallego and the utilleros Manuel Fernández-Galisteo, alias «El Turu», and Jorge Casabella, the club's eternal saga, lived that historical night as members of the club in different facets. The only game that Real Madrid had played at behind closed doors at their home was played on September 16, 1987, in the Champions League match between the white team led by Beenhakker and Narad of Maradona.

He beat the Spanish team 2-0 and eliminated the great «Napoli» of the Argentine star, goals of Míchel and Tendillo. On Sunday, in front of Éibar, the entity will experience its second meeting without an audience in its own field. The protagonists of that unforgettable victory remember the coach's strategy to overcome the absence of spectators with caste and concentration. And they recall moments for unforgettable memory.

Miguel Porlán, Chendo, became world famous for annulling Maradona in that Bernabéu without an audience and for tunneling the universal star on a night that devoted to the Spanish defense and aroused much criticism of Diego Armando.

Jorge Valdano defined the role change perfectly with this metaphor: «The little birds (Chendo) shoot the shotguns (Maradona)». His partner in the 1986 World Cup, which they won in Mexico, lived a fateful day. The current delegate of the white club field was a magnificent right back of power and destructive efficiency. International, its main virtue was to tie the best player of the rival. Chendo dried Diego Armando .

That Real Madrid of 1987 reflected the eternal essence of the club. The spirit of Di Stéfano and Marquitos in the 1950s . Pirri's blood and the quality of Velázquez in the sixties. A fighter, that Real Madrid mixed the physique of Chendo and Solana with the technique of Míchel, Gordillo and Butragueño plus the finishing ability of Santillana and Hugo Sánchez.

Real Madrid received Naples de Maradona, the best player in the world alongside Johan Cruyff, Alfredo Di Stéfano and Pelé in the legendary history of the era. The previous season, 1986-87, incidents in the semifinals against Bayern Munich with goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff caused UEFA to sanction Real Madrid with two games behind closed doors. The first he did against Naples. The second, against Porto in the second round, was played at Mestalla.

Real Madrid went round in both cases and fell against PSV Eindhoven in those semifinals that left the "Quinta del Buitre", Hugo, Buyo, Gordillo and Maceda without a European Cup they deserved.

Butragueño defined that 2-0 without an audience as "a game in the schoolyard"

Butragueño, the main reference of that Real Madrid, defined the match against Napoli at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium as "a collision in the schoolyard". One of his teammates on the pitch, Carlos Santillana, emphasized : «It was like a match between eleven friends against eleven friends because everything was said. In a normal game, nothing was heard of what the coach says, but everything was heard there. Psychologically, it was difficult to get psyched for such a game. ”

Santillana recalls to ABC that Leo Beenhakker prepared a different week, with daily workouts at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, instead of the classic sessions in the old sports city. “We used to train in the stadium and play two test matches against the youth, to get used to the idea that there was no public.”

We were in an empty Bernabéu. ABC recalls that Minister Javier Gómez-Navarro and Mayor Juan Barranco left the box and went down to the first amphitheater to cheer on Real Madrid, along with other guests. Down on the grass, Camacho, from the bench, supported the team as if there were ten thousand followers

Míchel and Tendillo signed the goals. In the presidential box were the Minister Javier Gómez-Navarro and the Mayor of Madrid, Juan Barranco with Ramón Mendoza in middle.

In the second half Gómez-Navarro and Juan Barranco left the box and went down to the first amphitheater to cheer on their feet with the team, along with many other guests from that box. ABC was next door, in the press sector, and we all remember one fact: «José Antonio Camacho made himself heard by everyone. He was on the bench and did not stop cheering throughout the game, he followed a whole stadium. The Bernabéu of the ninety thousand spectators had three hundred, but Camacho did for ten thousand . The conversations of the footballers on the field were all heard.

Santillana, on ABC: «Maradona did not have a good day because it was very well marked by Chendo and the team, in general, played very well »

Real Madrid won 2-0 and two weeks later tied for a goal in Naples, so they qualified for the next round. "Maradona did not have a good day, it was very well marked by Chendo and the team in general did very well," recalls Santillana before our newspaper .

Things have turned out well for me very well and the whole team has worked perfectly according to what we prepared, so we have clearly won, "Chendo explained on ABC after the match. "But now we must finish the tie in Naples and they will make it very difficult for us," he cautioned. Two weeks later, the Whites tied in Italy at one goal and qualified for the next round

"Things have gone well for me and the whole team has worked perfectly That is why we have clearly won, ”Chendo argued before this newspaper an hour after that meeting, with a face that denoted the effort and responsibility assumed with so much success. Miguel Porlán spent the whole week concentrating on this surveillance, with a work in the field and on video to observe all of Maradona's movements.

Chendo related his experience in that party a few years ago with the video in front. Zidane and his squad faced Naples in the Champions League and the field delegate explained the secrets of that duel behind closed doors. "Emulating that 2-0 is a great result," said Zidane before the last confrontation

A few years ago, in Real Madrid's last confrontation with Naples, with Zidane in command, Chendo told the players and the coach that match. They witnessed it on the club's internal television. Miguel Porlán Noguera was in charge of chasing Maradona across the field, to the locker room if necessary . The stands were empty, but the side was full of momentum to annul the Argentine star. He did not let him play. "Emulating that 2-0 is a great result," said Zidane before the duel.

"Diego did not have his day," Santillana insists in our newspaper, because Miguel Porlán (Chendo) did not let him breathe. And full of confidence for his memorable marking, the Madrid right-back dared to make a splash at Maradona. It came out perfect. It was the thrust of the match and the tie. Valdano put the icing on the cake with the birds and the shotguns .

After the victory, Santillana and other soccer players "moved" Chendo in the dressing room: "He was highly praised. Chendo experienced a lot of tension in the previous days due to having to face Maradona and he made a great match. The pipe to Maradona was the climax. ”

The eleven of Beenhakker at that date for the story was: Buyo; Chendo, Tendillo, Sanchís, Solana; Gallego, Michel, Martín Vázquez, Gordillo; Butragueño and Santillana .

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