An 11-year-old skater survives after fracturing her skull for a 10-meter height

] The brutal fall of the skateboard prodigy: it hurts to see him

L an 11-year-old boy Sky Brown promise of the world skate fractured his skull after falling to the ground from a height of about 10 meters after losing control in mid-flight during one of his workouts. The youngest, who could become the youngest British from the delegation of the Tokyo Olympics published herself on her social networks the video of the fall and the consequences it had in his body.

"I know a lot of people have cared about me, but don't worry. I'm fine . I'm excited to get stronger and even harder. My heart is going very strong right now. I'm waiting for my body to catch him. Thank you all for sending me your love, your messages and supporting him. Sorry to have worried you. To be fine, "he wrote in the publication. Sky's father Stewart said that doctors feared for his daughter's life: "She had the strongest she ever had and is lucky to be alive. She landed upside down on a ramp and, when she arrived at the hospital for First time, everyone fears for her life. I held her in my arms and she started bleeding until I lost I gave the knowledge waiting for the helicopter to take her to the hospital. We spent that night terrified without knowing if Sky was going to survive, as the UCI team tried to keep her conscious and keep her alive. We prayed and begged God to give Sky another chance. "

The medical part is overwhelming:" Multiple fractures to his skull, broken left arm, broken right fingers and lacerations on his heart and lungs. "" The trauma team says it's a miracle how well she is coping with pain and recovering incredibly fast. They said it is shocking and they believe it is because of its value, positivity and attitude. "

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