American beginning. Dubov lost in the first match of the finals

American beginning. Dubov lost in the first match of the finals 5
“Nakamura was tired”, “Nakamura's Carlsen complex was said after the American lost a dry defeat in the first match of the semifinal with the world champion. It took Hikar exactly two days to refute both points – first he evened the score in a duel with Magnus Carlsen, and then he pulled out a victory in the third match. As for Dubov, he made much less effort to defeat his opponent – Dean Liren: having defeated the Chinese in two matches, he received an additional day of rest. At the end of such a protracted tournament, this should have become a decent handicap, however, we already know how dangerous it is to apply the thesis of fatigue to the American. Daniel was the first to play in the finals. Opponents played the queen's gambit, at the exit of which the Russian grandmaster got a slight advantage. However, in searching for a winning idea Dubov played too much and, having made a couple of not very accurate moves, got a position noticeably worse than that of his opponent. Nakamura needed to do this, after serving in the defense, he went on the offensive on the entire front and skillfully took advantage. The defeat at the start by White, to put it mildly, is not the best start of the match. But the matter was not limited to one loss. In the second game, Daniil Black used the protection of Filidor, with the help of whom he defeated Carlsen himself in the group stage, but there were problems with Nakamura. And not only on the virtual board, but also beyond: at a very important moment – when Daniel was thinking about whether to eat the poisoned white pawn on e5, the Russian Internet fell. When the connection was restored, Dubov nevertheless swallowed the pawn, having fallen into a very difficult situation. Nevertheless, Daniel played very accurately and managed to bring the game to the technical position of a draw. However, having a pawn and 11 minutes less than the opponent in the rook ending, the Russian had to play very accurately. Daniel didn’t succeed in hard cetinet. 0: 2 – a completely sour start to the match. Now Dubov had to win all the games by order of the second grandmaster of the world, which, frankly, is extremely unlikely. In the third installment, having played the English beginning, the Russian again applied homework, having received a good advantage at the exit from the debut. Yes, and Nakamura finally began to make mistakes. Dubov got two extra pawns in the endgame, and Nakamura surrendered. 1: 2 – a third of the work is done. However, Daniel was not enough for more. Although in the fourth game, applying the Sicilian defense, he got a slight advantage, but White had a strong attack on the kingside, neutralizing which the Russian lost all his advantage and ended in a draw. On Tuesday there will be a second match, in which Daniil is no longer victorious. To win the first prize of $ 45,000 and a ticket to the finals of the Carlsen series of tournaments with a prize pool of $ 300,000, you need to take the third match on Wednesday. Series of online quick chess tournaments “Magnus Carlsen Tour”
] 2nd stage
Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge
First match Daniil Dubov (Russia) – Hikaru Nakamura (USA) – 1.5: 2.5
Account in the series: 0-1

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