Alfonso Reyes' criticism of the government for "relying on the heirs of ETA" Football News



Alfonso Reyes, president of the basketball players' union (ABP), has once again shown his disagreement with the actions of the Pedro Sánchez government. If a month ago he criticized the management of the coronavirus pandemic on ABC – "We don't deserve to be lied to by those in charge" he said – yesterday he spoke again, this time with the support that ] Bildu will provide the budgets of the current government.

«By the way, leaning on the heirs of ETA for whatever it takes gives me indescribable retching. Could it be that I had to look more than once under my father's car or that he trembled with each attack in case it was him. What are we going to do, I have a good memory, "he said on his Twitter account.

It should be remembered that Alfonso and Felipe Reyes' father was military "but not a strict military man, a good guy" the youngest of the brothers once said of him in an interview in the ABC supplement XL Semanal. Unfortunately, Alfonso Reyes Sr. died of a heart attack in 2011 just when Felipe was in the concentration with the Spanish team.

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