Alexandra Trusova: I only go to a banquet in high heels

– We arrived at three in the morning. It took a very long time. Training? No, not yet begun. We are waiting for the results of tests for coronavirus. Fees will last a month. Or maybe more. The coaches have not yet said. To be honest, I already miss mom. My parents brought me – and immediately left. Mom is my best friend. First impressions of Kislovodsk? I like. Beautiful, mountain air. When we go, it will be easy. This is always the case if you go down from a height. ABOUT SELF-INSULATION
– I was with my family in a country house. I have dogs. Now here is another one – Husky, now there are three. And another cat. I took one dog with me to the training camp in Kislovodsk. Prepared for the OGE, read books, learn English. I was upset that the exams were postponed. The teachers said that I would definitely pass. And now I have to remember a lot again.
Woke up at 7.30. I am an early bird — I get up early. I trained twice a day. In the morning – running, just a little bit, swapping the back. In the evening – jumping on the floor. In total – three hours for two workouts turned out. Form, of course, lost. Hard without ice. After such a break, it’s always hard to ride, you need to return the usual sensations. ABOUT THE “GAME OF THE THRONES”
– Yes, this is my favorite series. It is a pity that Daenerys was killed in the last season. ABOUT JUMPING IN THE NEW SEASON
– There will be a triple axel. I’ll add a program to the fourth Rittberger if I learn it. ABOUT NEW IMAGES
– I want different programs. Slow – for sure. But I don’t know what exactly, there are many options. I will not reveal the secret, do not ask. I can only say that one image will be lyrical. Together we will choose with Evgeni Viktorovich Plushenko . ABOUT THE UPCOMING JUNE 23 BIRTHDAY
– I think it will be fun. As for the gift that I would like to receive until I thought about it.
Alexandra Trusova: I only go to a banquet in high heels 5 ABOUT RELATIONS WITH A BEAR
– I communicate with Zhenya when we see each other This happened many times this season, but in life, by telephone – no. We don’t call up and don’t write off. ABOUT FAVORITE FOUR
– My first junior world championship. I remember how long we prepared. All the coaches left for the Olympics, except one. We prepared two quadruples for the World Cup … There was also a memorable Russian Cup, where I tried two quadruples, made salchow and fell “From the side, the fall seemed scary, and everyone was scared. And after the free program I got sick. Perhaps from stress … ABOUT CANCELING THE ADULT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP
– At first I couldn’t believe that something could cancel the competition figure skating, even coronavirus Co. Of course, there was disappointment – I was well prepared. But quickly calmed down. Still, the world championships are held every year. ABOUT GROWTH
– It has grown for the season, but has not been measured for a long time. The last time was 157 centimeters. Now it’s probably higher. ABOUT FAVORITE SPORTS
– Rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming. Another is ballet. But this is not a sport. Itself wanted to try to jump with a pole. I think I won’t succeed. However, it’s still interesting what you feel during the jump.
Alexandra Trusova: I only go to a banquet in high heels 6 ABOUT FOOTBALL
– In the courtyard of the house I can play with dad, brothers, sometimes mom I’m playing normally, but compared to dad and Yegor, who were involved in football, I’m not very successful. I scored goals only by chance. ABOUT FAVORITE CLOTHING
– It’s most convenient to wear a tracksuit, but I love dresses with high-heeled shoes. True, I rarely go to them. Only for a banquet. Therefore, I have few of them. ABOUT FAVORITE SPEAKERS FOR SPEECHES
– The most convenient was in the program for Vivaldi's music. The most beautiful – burgundy dress from this season’s free program. ABOUT DIET
– I just don’t eat junk food at night. I don’t like a lot of things: cakes, fast food … I rarely eat sweet and floury foods. Therefore, it’s easier for me to keep in shape. My favorite dish is dumplings prepared by my mother and grandmother. ABOUT Pull-ups X
– On the horizontal bar I can pull myself ten times. But not as smooth, of course, as the boys. ABOUT DEPRESSIONS
– Fifty times – I can definitely. I haven’t tried it anymore. This was the maximum requested by the coach. ABOUT VICTORY AT THE OLYMPIAD
– I can’t imagine myself an Olympic champion. I just want to survive it. ABOUT THE HAPPEST MOMENT IN LIFE
– When they bought a dog. I really wanted a poodle, and he fully lived up to my expectations. We went after him to Veliky Novgorod.

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