Alexander Zinchenko: I go to tests in slippers – I lower the glass, a woman in a spacesuit takes saliva

Alexander Zinchenko: I go to tests in slippers - I lower the glass, a woman in a spacesuit takes saliva 5
23-year-old Zinchenko, who, recall, was in one of the best clubs in the world from Ufa in 2016, went live on Instagram of the former striker of the Ukrainian team Artem Milevsky who is currently defending the colors of the Brest Dynamo. Here are some fragments of a conversation between two compatriots. ABOUT TRAINING
– Work is in full swing. The first week was trained in groups of five. Now – as a whole team. However, we still do not use locker rooms. We change clothes at home, we wash things ourselves … From the outside it seems that everyone is in great shape. You can at least tomorrow on the field. The first match against Arsenal will play on June 17. By this time, we’ll definitely put ourselves in order. ABOUT TESTS FOR CORONAVIRUS
– In “Man City”, all analyzes gave a negative result. We continue to take tests twice a week. The scheme is simple: in the morning you drop into the base without leaving your car, open the window, a woman in a spacesuit approaches and makes a saliva fence with a cotton swab. Then you can return home. I go to these tests in slippers, don’t change my shoes. ABOUT PENALTIES
– Usually, arrival at the base is at 10.20 in the morning. It should be like a bayonet. A minute of being late is a fine. Fortunately, I haven’t been hit yet … And last season, by the way, they were fined not with money, but with “community service”. Spin the roulette on the theory – and find out what will have to be done. Someone got a laundry, someone – the organization of a team dinner, someone – help the agronomist in the stadium. It was fun. ABOUT GUARDIOL
– It is clear that the death of a mother was a blow to our head coach. In the first training session, Pep was very sad. But gradually he got involved, football for him is his whole life … It seems to me that this is what football genius should look like. For Guardiola, there are no trifles in football. In parsing, he even pays attention to the gestures of rival coaches. And Pep, of course, is a crazy tactician. To play and train under the guidance of such a specialist is a great success and invaluable experience. ABOUT FRIENDS IN A TEAM
– I communicate with everyone a little. But most of all – with John Stones and Ilkay Gundogan . I ran with them in the park when it was necessary to keep fit during the pandemic. ABOUT LIVERPOOL CHAMPIONSHIP
– This is a resolved issue. We let them go too far. Everyone in England has long accepted the fact that Liverpool is the champion. But we still have important tasks on the nose. We fight in the Champions League and the FA Cup. If we go through Real, then the League’s playoffs will be played from one match at each stage in one country. Configuring. ABOUT THE QUARANTINE IN MANCHESTER
– It is still tough. No other way. I rent an apartment in the city center. I will say this: dogs at home are hard. ABOUT ROTATION
– There are so many matches in the Premier League that you won’t play the season with one squad. But being a part of such a club is a thrill. Although Guardiola's drills are a homicide. To get into the application is already a victory. And I'm glad that in the first part of the season I played before the injury, and after. If the coach does not put you in the squad, you can’t show discontent. Complain to your wife at home. And in the team you have to endure and wait. Nobody plays for beautiful eyes here. Even Riyad Marez for whom 60 million were paid, sat in stock and recaptured his playing time.

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