Alexander Dyukov: While abstaining from the venue of the Zenit – Spartak semi-final, I abstained

Alexander Dyukov: While abstaining from the venue of the Zenit - Spartak semi-final, I abstained 5
– The Executive Committee decided to hold the cup semi-final between Zenit and Spartak in St. Petersburg on the basis of regulations valid until last season in which this stage of the Cup of Russia was played from two matches. In other words, Petersburgers got the right to host a meeting at the Gazprom Arena due to fewer home games in previous rounds of the tournament. Red and white insisted on a toss. Do not you think that adjusting the rules during the tournament is not entirely correct?
– The Executive Committee admitted that a technical error was made in the development of the rules for the 2019/20 season. This bug has been fixed. The decision was supported by most members of the executive committee. One voted against. Several people abstained. And I included.
As for the draw, it was really envisaged, but with the preservation of the two-match format of the semi-finals. That was the mistake. And that's why I had to make changes after the fact. There is nothing good in this, but the measure was forced and in this case justified. Maintained the integrity of the tournament. And the rules that have been in force in the Cup of Russia for many years are taken as the basis. – It was earlier decided that at the RPL matches after the resumption of the season on June 19 they will be allowed to fill the arenas at 10 percent of the maximum capacity. How to relate to the rumors that this indicator can be increased to 20-30?
– The situation is dynamic. At the moment, we have initiated the exclusion of VIP-boxes from these 10 percent. Tickets for them are usually sold out in advance. Therefore, the interests of ordinary fans who want to watch football in the summer could suffer.
The growth of the audience due to lodges will not increase the epidemiological threat. Human flows in this case do not intersect. At the same time, clubs are responsible for additional security measures: the installation of glass barriers, disinfection, and so on. I hope that Rospotrebnadzor will support this initiative of ours. – How to relate to the talk about moving Tambov to Nizhny Novgorod?
– This issue was not discussed at the executive committee. But we received appeals from Tambov and the speaker at the FNL Nizhny Novgorod. There is a topic for discussion. We cannot allow clubs to swap places so easily. It is important to take into account the interests of fans in the same Tambov. Perhaps we will touch on this topic at the next meeting. By the way, we already had a conversation with Gleb Nikitin the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region. He said the idea has a right to exist. But we haven’t talked with the leadership of the Tambov region yet. – Have you approved the transfer window and the start date for the next season?
– It was initially assumed that the season starts on August 2 or 3. But today we did not make any final decisions. Club representatives would like to start the championship on August 9-10. We will continue consultations with the RPL … As for the transfer window, it will open in late July. And we will ask UEFA to expand it, due to special circumstances, from 8 to 12 weeks. – Against the background of talk about the possible return of Wagner Love to CSKA Moscow, questions arose about the rules for re-applying players to the RPL-2019/20 ending. What decisions have been made?
– Clubs will be allowed to point-up re-applications of players from their youth teams and sports schools. Exceptions have also been made for players who have expired or extended their leases, and for those whose clubs lost their professional status during the pandemic. Say, the players of the “Ray” can now enter the RPL clubs or two FNL clubs that continue to participate in the Russian Cup. As for Wagner Love, the Brazilian does not fall under any of the points. And there were no appeals from CSKA to the RFU. – Can clubs count on any help in connection with losses due to coronavirus?
– RFU came to the Government with proposals that could help clubs overcome the crisis. I already told you what these initiatives consist of: deferment of tax payments, maintaining budget financing, and so on. The discussion continues. Let's wait. – How do you feel about the fact that RPL clubs started holding friendly matches, which contradicts the general requirements of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare?
– The RFU cannot ban such matches, this is not our competence. We allow them to be carried out, but in coordination with the regional offices of Rosportebnadzor. We know that such permissions were obtained. – Will football players from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia really cease to be considered legionnaires in the RPL?
– Yes. This decision for players from the EAEU countries was made at the government level, as it was before with the players from Belarus, and comes into force on July 1. But in the RPL, the new rules will work from next season. – What other decisions did the executive committee make?
– The most important decisions were made on May 15 – regarding the resumption of the season. Today we approved the agreed schedule, calendar, and fixed a mistake for the Cup of Russia. Also summed up the youth championship, the early winner of which was declared Dynamo. – The owner of Spartak Leonid Fedun did not correctly comment on the decision to hold the semi-final against Zenit in St. Petersburg. He saw in this the squeezing of interests of the St. Petersburg club …
– We know Fedun as an emotional person who loves football and worries about Spartak. But, I think, you yourself understand that there is no forcing of Zenit interests in the RFU. Otherwise, the gold players would be flaunting on the chests of the players of this team, because the season could be completed ahead of schedule. – Fedun is already waiting for referee Mikhail Vilkov to be appointed to the Zenit – Spartak match …
– The decision on the appointment of judges is made by Victor Kashshai . Maybe he will listen to this “wish” of Fedun. – Will the remaining RPL-2019/20 matches really be shown for free in full?
– This question is not in the competence of the RFU. RPL and “Match TV” must be weighed and choose the most correct option. It’s hard for me to give recommendations. I hope the final decision will be made in the interests of football and fans.

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