Alcobendas renounces its continuity in the Women's League

The Alcobendas Handball Club has made the difficult decision to give up playing in the Division of Honor and not dispute the Iberdrola Warrior League. Ángel Castaño, the president of the Management Board, has found a team without a coach and without players in the first-team squad, following the resignation of the President, José Sampayo, "Tris", which took effect on May 30.

A decision that occurred as a result of an internal crisis in the entity caused by the presentation of the sports project for this season. Said project generated doubts in a sector of the club, due to its economic viability. This led to a glimpse on the horizon of a possible motion of censure, that was the trigger for the current situation.

This should generate the call for elections to the presidency of the entity and the creation of a new Board of Directors, in all probability, except for surprises, led by the components of the Manager itself, who by age , Angel Castaño presides over having been a partner for more than 30 years.

Ángel Castaño, on the Alcobendas handball crisis: "We are at a crossroads"

"We are at a crossroads that makes us very aware of our limitations" because "we have encountered the difficulty of having to make up the squad of the women's first team with a very limited base of players" since "many of they decided not to continue in Alcobendas "and" although we have made efforts to get them to stay, their departure has left us in a very critical situation that makes us make this decision, "Angel Castaño acknowledged to RTVE. .

The Grafometal de Logroño, candidate for the position in the DHF

The Grafometal Sporting La Rioja is the main candidate to occupy the plaza del Alcobendas in the Iberdrola Warrior League. For this, the agreements of the Logroño club with the institutions of the city and the province should bear fruit, with the intention of being able to assume the economic cost of moving from the Silver Honor Division to the highest category, as recognized by RTVE the president of the Club, Diego Molia, after the offer made by the Royal Spanish Handball Federation following the resignation of the Madrid team.

The La Rioja team is trained by Manu Etayo, who has already been in the League Iberdrola warriors with the Morvedre . A team that will count on the reinforcement of Bea Puertas (Classroom) Irati (Alcobendas), Angela López, who was under the orders of the Navarrese coach in Morvedre, and Ainhoa ​​García, who played in Puchi and Castellón, as well as young goalkeeper Ayelén López. 5 discharges to cover the losses of the Brazilian Daniele de Sousa, Carla Sánchez, Fanny Monrós and the goalkeeper Sonora Solano, waiting to know the continuity of the pivot Sílvia Ederra.

Manu Etayo (Sporting La Rioja): "We are very sorry for what has happened to Alcobendas"

In the event that the women from La Rioja resign, the vacancy in Alcobendas would be offered to the San José Obrero of Lanzarote . Manu Etayo, the coach of the La Riojan team, told RTVE that "we are very sorry for what has happened to Alcobendas and we send him our full support so that he will return soon." Regarding the possible promotion, he believes that "the team can compete in the highest category although it is designed to play in Silver and we must thoroughly assess whether the possibility is viable for the club"

Letter of freedom for the players and general disbandment

Sampayo had a closed team for the next season with the Alcalaine coach Cristina Cabeza, who was to be led by Madrid international Sílvia Arderiús, after her separation from Bera Bera . But the decision of the Board of Directors to present his resignation precipitated the events and the letter of freedom was given to all the players of the first team.

Sílvia Arderiús: "Alcobendas is a club that I adore but instability has pushed me back"

Arderiús, who signed for the Málaga Fertility Corner, has told RTVE that " was an open secret that he was returning to Alcobendas even if it was to play in Plata, because my idea was to return home and being closer to the family "and" Alcobendas is a club that I adore but the instability and uncertainty, both sporting and economic, that was generated put me back. "

He had already left before Daniela Moreno, who signed for the Guardés. Subsequently, Cristina Cabeza, who had communicated by letter to the members of the Alcobendas Handball Club that she was no longer in the entity, accepted the offer to be the Liberbank coach and with her, the pivot Maria Palomo resides in the Gijón team, while the goalkeeper Patri Encinas and Núria Andreu will reinforce Elche . In this regard, the latter points out: "It is a very sad situation because it touches me very closely since I was also a base coach as well as a player."

Nuria Andreu, on the Alcobendas crisis: "It is a very sad situation"

According to the Santa Pola headquarters, " events gave a very big turn to the project that the club had already set up". Furthermore, "the repercussion that this whole issue has had on social networks has generated an uncertainty that has not benefited at all," explains Nuria Andreu.

From Torrescusa to Sampayo, a year and a half of difficulties

Cristina Cabeza, the coach who promoted the team to the Honor Division after returning to Spain from the German Trier three seasons ago, he explained to RTVE that "since Luis Carlos Torrescusa left the club in February 2019 and José Sampayo assumed the presidency, it has been a year and a half of difficulties and my impression has always been that of be in hostile territory. "

Cristina Cabeza: "Alcobendas has lived a year and a half very hostile"

The coach of Alcalá de Henares has clear reasons: " Everything is triggered by the resignation of Sergio Cameo the sports director, just when he had done a very exciting project" .

However, Cristina Cabeza admits that Sampayo is wrong "when the Board sends an email to the coaches asking if they want to be part of that idea or not" because "part of the club it is taken as an ultimatum "and a motion of censure is raised that is made public through Angel Castaño's twitter account. This possibility causes the club officials to announce their resignation on May 27 and elections must be called for other people to take over the entity.

Helvetia terminates contract after eight years of collaboration

This Tuesday, after a news item was released that was an open secret in the world of handball, the Helvetia insurance company has also terminated the sponsorship contract that it had with the entity since 2012.

Eight years in which he was with the Madrid team despite the decline to the Silver Division and in which lived the return to the Division of Honor, the organization of the Queen's Cup and play in European competition as stated in the statement that both parties have notified. A help that has been maintained this time thanks to the support of Javier García a handball man closely linked to the entity and current director of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility of the Swiss insurer in Spain.

Javier García, from Helvetia: "It is sad for us to end our sponsorship with Alcobendas"

"For us it is sad to end this way our sponsorship agreement with the Alcobendas handball women's first team, but Helvetia will continue supporting the club through a possible agreement to help the base teams ", Javier García told RTVE.

The future goes through the School and the lower categories

This is not the first time that the Alcobendas Handball Club, founded in 1981, goes through a similar situation since it also had a crisis in 2010 when the entity gave the letter of freedom to all the players, among them, Angel Castaño, the person now responsible for the entity. "It is not a new situation and as we have done other times, being united, with teamwork, we have solved it," he says.

In addition, Castaño comments that the Management Board is doing everything possible so that "the club does not stop and is viable in the future with responsibility and prudence". To do this they have "to ensure the continuity of the base project and the technification of players and youth players, as well as to take care of the Academy and the Handball School".

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