Aitor Francesena "Gallo" joined a wave of 9 points in the World To Surfing



The second day of competition leaves us the face and the cross of the climatic madness that we are experiencing. A doggy morning gave way to a typical afternoon on the California coast where the surf of the 133 athletes participating in the event demonstrated a high level of surfing.

The Spanish were no less in this staging than it was lived in La Jolla and moments such as that of Aitor Francesena “Gallo” were experienced, which added a wave of 9 points on his sleeve.

Today he left the debut of eight members of the national team, where the most early riser was the canary Marcos Tapia. Following him, the next to participate were; Álvaro Bayona, Ánder Goneaga, Ángel Curier, Sandra Vendrell, Ibón Mugureza, Joseba Mercader, Aitor Francesena and Efrén Mompeán.

Tomorrow will be the day in which the only members of the national team remaining to participate will debut, Celia Gramse and Carmen López. From here all the national surfers will face their critical rounds to know if they access the decisive rounds of the ISA World Para Surfing Championship 2020.

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