Ah yes Dubov, oh yes Daniel! The first match of the Russian quarterfinal ended in the defeat of

Ah yes Dubov, oh yes Daniel! The first match of the Russian quarterfinal ended in the defeat of 5
The second of a series of tournaments organized by the company of world champion Magnus Carlsen takes place according to a complex formula: first, 12 participants in the group tournament determine the quarter-finalists, then the eight lucky ones play the playoffs, each the stage of which consists of four-party minimats — to get to the next round, you need to win two such matches. On Saturday, the first day of the relegation games, the Russians did not play, and the first “fight” was held by Hikaru Nakamura (USA) and EVOH Aronian (Armenia), as well as the Chinese Ding Yu Lizhen and Yanyi. Aronian fought the winner of the group stage, won the first game, tied the second and third, but in the fourth and then in armageddon he could not resist and eventually lost. The fight between the two Chinese, as expected, turned out to be acidic and interesting only to fans from the Middle Kingdom. Four draws, then armageddon, where Yu managed to cut the flag from Dean. The second matches of these quarter-finals will take place on Monday. Sunday quarter-final confrontations turned out to be much more vivid and productive. World champion Magnus Carlsen met with American Wesley So, and two Russians who reached the playoffs – Sergey Karjakin and Daniil Dubov – played with each other. Interestingly, both Sergey and Daniil were world fast chess champions at one time. In their current confrontation, it seemed that a slight advantage should be on the side of the more experienced Karjakin, who also had a better group tournament. However, Sergei played the first match very badly. In the starting game, Dubov played the Catalan start. Good home preparation was visible with the naked eye: Daniel played coolly and clearly, more and more “biting off” the advantage with each move, and in the end brought the game to victory. Dubov started the second game with blacks very sharply and even aggressively, quickly leaving the beaten ways. There was a feeling that with his courage he simply overwhelmed the opponent. Karjakin did not seem to make mistakes, but missed the initiative. In addition, Sergey thought a lot and in the end in a tough time trouble just overdid the time. In the third installment, Karjakin needed only a victory. Black had to take risks, but they played too adventurously and, perhaps, even weirdly. Not having achieved the desired advantage, and not having ideas to achieve victory, Sergei surrendered in a position that could well be defended. Nothing out of the ordinary: a loss and a draw with a score of 0-2 were equivalent for him. The second Sunday match also ended in an easy victory: Carlsen easily defeated Co. Second matches in these pairs will be held on Tuesday. It will be very interesting to see what kind of work the mistakes will be made by the “Minister of Defense” Karjakin. Online quick chess tournament Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge
First matches Aronian (Armenia) – Nakamura (USA) – 2: 3
Account in the series to two victories: 0-1Yu Yanyi (China) – Ding Liren (China) – 3: 2
Account in the series to two wins: 1-0 Dubov (Russia) – Karjakin (Russia) – 3: 0
Account in the series before two wins: 1-0 Carlsen (Norway) – Co (USA) – 2.5 : 0.5
Account in the series to two victories: 1-0

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