Agüero's confession that he "dirties" his most important goal

S. D.
  Updated: 06/03/2020 11: 11h
  Sergio «Kun» Agüero is taking advantage of the days of confinement to chat with his fans through his Twitch channel. There, the Argentine has been commenting on his games to FIFA, but also some of the chapters that have marked his career . The City footballer surprised everyone yesterday by reviewing that 2012 goal scored in the 94th minute with which he gave the title to the "citizen" after 44 years of drought. Something that he achieved before the QPR in the last breath and that eight years later he recognizes that it was a stroke of fortune. kun reacting to kun is the best thing that ever happened to us— DEFA (@Defazioalberto) June 1, 2020 «If I had hit him as I wanted, I would have played in a defense and it would not have been a goal. I didn't want to kick there, but I kicked there and it was a goal », the Argentine now admits, who also laughs at his subsequent celebration. He took City champion without wanting to kick there. You're all kun— DEFA (@Defazioalberto) June 1, 2020In the same video, Agüero is critical of his party that day. " You did nothing in that game, you touched your eggs ", says the striker, who for many minutes had to face rival players in a dialectical exchange that he is now laughing at. "Buscarte a ti"— DEFA (@Defazioalberto) June 1, 2020 « I, then, hardly knew English . That's why he said 'hello', 'how are you' and 'I am fine'. Look at how I used to face it … », says amused, protagonist of one of the funniest chapters of the last days on the networks. Themes

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