Agent Aguero: I did not negotiate with Inter, Sergio is not going to change the club

– “Sergio has a contract with Manchester City until 2021 and there is no chance to leave until this moment. Let's see what happens after that. I didn’t speak with Inter, and the reason is very simple: Aguero is satisfied with the “townspeople” and is not going to change the club, FC Inter News quoted the agent as saying earlier that Manchester City’s management was ready to part with Aguero in the summer if The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will not remove the ban on participation in European competitions from the citizens. The records of Bjoerndalen and Fourcade are not eternal at all. Beh will beat many of them soon. After Martin Fourcade finished his career this spring, Johannes Beh lost his main rival. Can he surpass the achievements of the Frenchman and Bjoerndalen? 05/03/2020 00:00 Biathlon Tigay Lev When Conor McGregor prays for Nurmagomedov The critical situation with the father of UFC Russian champion Khabib Nurmagomedov made his enemies bury the ax of war. 05/14/2020 08:00 MMA Sergeev Ivan Zagitova will no longer drive a car without a license, as has happened before Olympic champion in figure skating Alina Zagitova received another gift for her 18th birthday. 05/20/2020 20:30 Figure skating Sergeyev Ivan For whom the coach became a father in law NHL star Artemy Panarin and daughter of hockey coach Oleg Znark Alisa announced their engagement. And this is not the first time that a famous athlete becomes the son-in-law of a coach. 05/23/2020 18:08 Hockey Sergeyev Ivan Koronavirus surrounds Russian football. Who will become our Merkel? Every day, new cases of infection with COVID-19 among representatives of RPL clubs. So will the season still be played out? 05/22/2020 18:19 Football Kuznetsov Dmitry Virus interferes with Panarin’s wedding, Slutsky fines for the word “brother”, Novogorsk awaits 230 athletes Under the heading “While you slept” – about the most interesting thing in the world of sports since last night. 05/23/2020 08:15 Hockey Dmitry Kuznetsov The sale of the gold medal of the 2018 World Cup suspected Kokorin's teammate in Sochi At the famous Julien's auction, the award for winning the World Cup in Russia was auctioned off. The media speculate on an anonymous seller. 05/23/2020 15:55 Football Sergeev Ivan Slovaks refused autumn tournaments. Is next season at risk? ISU announced that Slovakia will not hold the junior Grand Prix stage in Kosice and the Challenger in Bratislava in September. The reason is coronavirus. 05/17/2020 15:30 Figure skating Tigay Lev Kai Haverts – the main football star after quarantine. Even Holland rests (video) The 20-year-old Bayer footballer, who is being hunted by half of Europe, continued to drag his team into the Champions League, scoring a double in the second round of the Bundesliga in a row. 05/23/2020 18:52 Football Elena Vesnina: I went to Putin, land was allocated for an academy in Sochi, and then bureaucracy began … Olympic champion Rio-2016 went live on Instagram of the journalist Maria Komandnaya and spoke not only about tennis. 05/22/2020 21:21 Tennis Grigoryevskaya Julia

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