Agent – about Schurrle's transfer: I would not call it a failure. This is a rental, Spartak secured itself

Football agent Timur Gurtskaya commented on the decision of Moscow Spartak not to buy Andre Schurrle. “Back in August he said that we had to wait a bit. Schürrle started well, was at ease, did not go through pre-season training, and he had a great desire. This could be enough for 3-4 matches. The saying that you won’t drink skill, working. When everyone was under stress, and he was at ease, he stood out. When everyone was a little equal in terms of physical activity, it became clear why he did not play even in Fulham. I think his motivation is a bit over. So every sports director could be mistaken. I am sure Zorn spoke a lot with Schurrle, and he assured him that he had the strength and desire to prove everything. I would not call it a failure. Moreover, this is a rental, the club has secured itself. The name was bought, and the name did not play. This transaction is similar to the Zenith transaction in Marchisio. There was the same hope. Our championship is simpler than cool championships. It was hoped that the speed at which they played would be enough. But for some reason both did not play. “Spartak” took at least one year, “Zenith” got into two. I don’t see anything wrong with such transfers, ”Gurtskaya told the YouTube channel Bigi.“ Recall that for all time at Spartak, the 29-year-old Schurrle, who belongs to Borussia, played 18 matches, scored two goals and scored four goals pass.

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