“After my second goal, the French got fear.” Panov – about the great victory at the Stade de France

“ROMANCE guessed with STARTING COMPOSITION AND WITH REPLACEMENTS” Recall, on June 5, 1999 France and Russia held the Euro 2000 qualifying match. Only victory left the team Oleg Romantsev hopes for the continuation of the struggle in the tournament. And the Russians achieved it (3: 2) – largely thanks to the Zenit striker, who scored his first goals for the national team. And immediately – so important! Remember the line from the song of the group “Spleen”: “Well, thank God, it’s not Ricky, not Martin, I didn’t go to the Oscars, I didn’t score the French”? .. Fan of “Zenith” Alexander Vasiliev dedicated them precisely to Panov’s feat at the Stade de France … – After 21 years, what is the first thing that comes to mind of that legendary game with the French? – a question for the 44-year-old Panov, who, as you know, after the game ends began to hurt his career … for Spartak.
– One thing is difficult to single out. The atmosphere was incredible. Eighty thousand in the stands, what do you want? And a rival who had not lost to anyone at home for four years. And our situation was such that it was necessary to take only three points. There was no chance of a draw, but there was no panic. I have it for sure. On the contrary, experienced an emotional upsurge after the victorious finals of the Cup of Russia, in which he scored a double. There was a thought: if they let out on the field, I’ll definitely score it. True, when I heard my name in the starting lineup, the excitement still rolled up. Before that I hadn’t even played in European competitions. I have never had such big matches in my career. – Why did Romantsev choose you as the only center forward?
– Probably to surprise the French. Sasha Shirko, Volodya Beschastnykh, Sergey Yuran – they were all tall, powerful, loving to play with their backs to the goal. And I have a different style. I’m faster, moving around the front of the attack. For Marcel Desailly and Lilian Thuram with their dimensions it was more difficult to defend against me. Well, the psychological factor Oleg Ivanovich probably took into account. I repeat, Zenit has just won the first trophy in Russian history. I scored two goals, was charged in a good way. – Was Vladimir Beschastnykh's exit planned for a replacement originally?
– Yes. The plan was to increase pressure in the end. Volodya’s experience was to be useful in the second half, when the French got tired. My task was to pull back their defenses, constantly keep them in suspense, to make Desailles, Thuram and Laurent Blanc run a lot. I felt equally good both on the left and on the right. In the end, the defenders really exhausted. So my second goal happened, very beautiful. The French lost their position for a second, Dima Khlestov made a calculating pass from the depths, but I got in well. The most interesting thing is that Beschastnykh had to replace me, but in the end Romantsev released him instead of a midfielder. The coach saw that the game was going on for me – and left on the field. That was before that goal. It turns out that Oleg Ivanovich guessed. And Ilya Tsymbalar played a very important role. His substitution allowed us to pick up the ball from the French, capture the middle of the field. When I evened the score, it was clear that the opponent was already demoralized. The hosts lost the thread of the game, began to make mistakes. This led to our third goal. “After my second goal, the French got fear.” Panov - about the great victory at the Stade de France 5" AFTER THE GAME HANDS AND FEET WON'T LIFT " – But from the side it seemed that a miracle happened.
– If you take the whole game, it might have been, but in the ten minutes that shared my ball and the winning goal by Valery Karpin, we definitely had a psychological advantage. You’re able to squeeze the French. You see: you can always see by your eyes whether the opponent is afraid of you or not. So, when the score was 2: 2, the French had a fear of losing. And we were also physically well prepared. And in the end we laid out everything that We had it, so our third goal came from the logic of the game. – What is it like to defeat a top opponent with an audience of 80,000?
– We felt like heroes, before that the team was associated with the fans, mostly negative. With things like "letter 14", constant squabbles. Yes, and remember how it started assembly cycle. With defeats from France, Iceland and Ukraine. And then we suddenly gave people hope, returned people to the stadium, we fell in love. I remember how then the national team was ill at home with the Icelanders. And what was the hype before the match with the Ukrainians in Luzhniki! This is a memory for a lifetime. – Returning to the match at the Stade de France, how hard was it to keep the winning score? Romantsev admitted that he counted the last seconds for the first time in his life.
– Coaches were probably harder. They are sitting on a bench and can’t do anything. And we were all in the game. They also waited for the whistle, but they did not lose their heads. It would be very disappointing to miss such a victory. We switched to a simpler game, without risk. I tried to pressure the defense so as not to allow the first pass. When the game ended, there was no power left at all. I could not get up. Hands and feet did not rise. I can’t remember such an emotional devastation in my career. We were told: “Come on, get ready for the plane faster”, but it was incredibly difficult to force yourself to go somewhere, do something. It was a victory through I can’t. “After my second goal, the French got fear.” Panov - about the great victory at the Stade de France 6" ON THE SPARTAK BASIS ME, ZENITOVETS, FEED " – Who made the most powerful impression on the French then? missed the match, but the main backbone of the world champions was on the field.
– I will single out Sylvain Viltore . I always liked him. And when I played in France, and in England. He is also fast, brisk, and tall defenders against Wiltor were very uncomfortable. – How hard was it for you to fit Romansev’s Spartak football?
– Of course, there was a different game in Zenit, but the problem wasn’t in this. First of all, I did not have enough experience. There were guys around who had a lot of important matches and tournaments of the highest level. And I felt like a beginner. But the team accepted me well. They lived at the Spartak base. And me , Zenit, they were well received there. No antipathy. In the kitchen but fed, they say, small, feeble, let's eat. But no one looked down at me. Many thanks to Valera Karpin, to Dima Khokhlov, Sasha Mostovoy . They did not behave like stars. No show offs. We were one for all and all for one. “After my second goal, the French got fear.” Panov - about the great victory at the Stade de France 7" FROM THE VIP LODGE TO SEE FOOTBALL IS NOT INTERESTING " – Let's talk about today. On June 19, the championship resumes Russia. The stands will be allowed to fill at 10 percent. Will you go to the matches of Spartak?
– First you need to find out how these 10 percent will be distributed. I think that preference should be given to real fans. This is the tribune "B", sectors that always actively support the team. Yes, ordinary fans also don’t have to offend, but there must be a fan asset at the Otkrytie Arena. – But with social distance, you can’t put people in the stands in compact groups …
] – I don’t understand this problem. Shopping centers open, everything else. Are there people walking around each other for kilometers? There are masks, they will be mandatory for fans. And if you are destined to get sick, you’ll get sick anyway. In any case, the fans to be in the stands should. To make the team feel organized support. – There is a version that these 10 percent were invented in order not to return money to ticket holders in VIP boxes. Do you have any among your friends?
– I’ll definitely not watch football from a box. I don’t like it there, not that surroundings. Then it’s better to watch on TV. If we go to the stadium, then drive. When you and your fans are on the same wavelength. “ALL THESE CORONAVIRUS IS NOT A BUBBLE PLAGUE” – That is, you have no fear of going to the stadium after quarantine.
– Live at all fearfully. People ruined themselves before the pandemic. Just in everything you need to know the measure. If you do not want to get infected, follow the prophylaxis. But the risk will remain anyway. Even if you put a wetsuit on yourself … I don’t see any global problem in this whole story. This is still not a bubonic plague. Many carry coronavirus generally asymptomatic. And germs can attack on the street, anywhere. If the immune system is weak, any flu will eat you up. And no medicine will help. – Did you get tested for COVID-19?
– No. There were no symptoms, I did not give up. As the doctors say, it’s better not to go to hospitals once again, otherwise you can catch the virus there. “After my second goal, the French got fear.” Panov - about the great victory at the Stade de France 8“ I READ THE INTERVIEW OF SEMIN. THIS WAS EXTRA ” – What do you think about the breakup of Lokomotiv with Yuri Semin?
– This is the decision of the club management. It has the right to extend or not to renew the contract with the head coach. Of course, Yuri Palych means a lot to Lokomotiv. Even when I played "He led the team. And she showed a very nice game. Probably Semin could have been given eight rounds to finish. But on the other hand, the next championship would start almost immediately. The new coach would not have time to prepare the team. Therefore, the logic of the Lokomotiv leaders I understand. Once we decided to change course, it means we had to part with Semin right now. – Well, do you need to change course when the team is steadily entering the Champions League, and now it is in second place
– You are not the first day in Ro Russia live. No wonder at all. Just state the facts – and that’s it. Put yourself in the position of club president. One of the employees is 73 years old. It is difficult for him to move around the country, emotional meetings, all that. But let's say you need development. Semin gave 34 years to Lokomotiv, worked in good faith, achieved a lot, but he is not iron. And, in my opinion, it’s stupid to be offended. Spartak also Massimo Carrera was fired – and so what? Another coach is working now. This is football. Semin will still be respected. And in the “Locomotive”, and in other Russian clubs. But the man, in my opinion, deserved a rest. Let him go to the sea, enjoy communication with his family. And then he will return to work somewhere else. I think there will be those who want to invite him. – Have you read the first interview of Semin after leaving Loko?
– I read it. That was superfluous. There is some kind of dirt coming out. Why? – Waiting for the war in the stands?
– Well, guys will fight, and then what? Will less love football? Will they root for Lokomotiv less? They are fans. I, again, removed Carrera, the universal favorite, but as thirty thousand came to the stands, they come. Because people need this atmosphere in the stadium. Real fans love the club, not players or coaches. They want to be around … Now Marco Nikolic will come to Loko. Maybe the Serbs at the Lokomotiv stadium will catch up. A holy place is never empty. Some fans from the stands leave in protest, others come.

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