Adzhoyev – on the return of fans to the stands: For Tula, this is a pressing issue

The head of the Tula Arsenal Guram Adzhoyev supported the idea of ​​returning fans to the stands after the resumption of the RPL. “There’s nothing to talk about. As soon as the opportunity arises, fans should be returned to the stands. Because football with and without spectators is two different games. I think no one will argue with this. Football exists for fans. They create an indescribable atmosphere, share their emotions with players, motivate football players. And for Tula, this is a particularly urgent issue, since with us every home game turns into a holiday. And we need the support of the stands, so we, of course, support the speedy return of the fans. Of course, in compliance with all medical requirements and norms, because people's health is the most important thing, ”quotes a TASS official. In the current season, Arsenal is in seventh place in the RPL table, gaining 28 points.

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