A Turkish boxer stabs his girlfriend to death



The Turkish boxer Selim Ahmet Kemaloglu killed his girlfriend with a knife to his chest this Sunday, reported the NTV network.

The athlete , 26, a native of Mugla, in southwestern Turkey, where he lived, killed the young woman after an argument in the house they shared according to the same source.

, added NTV, called an ambulance, but the medical team could only certify the death of the woman 25 years old. Kemaloglu suffered minor injuries and was treated in a hospital before being transferred to a police station.

Every year in Turkey, a country of 80 million inhabitants, between 250 and 350 murders of women by from their partners or ex-partners and, to a lesser extent, by their own relatives, according to the record in the Turkish magazine 'Bianet'.

Feminist associations believe that the real number is higher and that exceeds 400 cases annually.

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