50 years after the first game between earth and space

This June 9 marks the 50th anniversary of the first game of chess between earth and space. For this reason, the Russian master Sergei Karjakin will play a game against astronauts Ivan Wagner and Anatoly Ivanishin of the International Space Station (ISS).

Karjakin himself announced this on June 5 through a tweet, ironically quoting in it Tesla magnate, Elon Musk : "Four days to go before the very important game against the cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner. The match will be just half a century after the first Space vs. Earth duel, played on June 9, 1970. How do you like it, Elon Musk? ".

The game will be broadcast live to everyone through YouTube on the channel inserted in this text and will begin at 11:00 AM Spanish time .

"I am sure it will be one of my most unusual and unforgettable duels. I admire them as heroes and understand how difficult it will be for them to play from the middle of nowhere," said Karjakin, who was the champion's challenger. of the world Magnus Carlsen in 2016 .

1970, radio movements

The current game will be a long way from the 1970 game between the Soyuz astronauts, Vitaly Sevastianov and Andrian Nikolayev With white, against two ground personnel from the then Soviet Union, Nikolai Kamanin and Viktor Gorbatk with black.

Commemorative stamp of Vitaly Sevastianov and Andrian Nikolayev.

Although the game ended in a draw, the result was the least of it. The event deserved a commemorative stamp for the cosmonauts and today the departure will be held with Karjakin to celebrate it.

To be able to move the pieces on the board saving the Zero gravity obstacles were carried on board a specially designed one with incisions . In this way, they avoided having to lift the pieces.

Not having the communication technology that is currently available, the movements communicated by radio every time that the ship was flying over the Soviet space.

The game, thus disputed, lasted six hours and opened the way. The Canadian George Chamitoff took chess to the ISS in 2008 with more facilities such as velcro to fit the pieces to the board, which provided more facilities than the magnetic system.

Twelve years later , the chess fans prepare for another great cosmic event.

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