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The League has presented the staff cost limits for the 20-21 season and the major loser is Barcelona whose cap has dropped 300 million euros . Of the 671 million of the past course, as of February 2020, after the winter market, it goes to 382 million this course, data that shows the enormous impact of the covid on the accounts of the Barça club.

As for the Real Madrid its spending ceiling has also lowered. Specifically 170 million. His limit is 468 million, which is 85 million more than Barcelona. The white entity is the one that can spend the most in salary in First, something that had not happened for three years.

The limit of staff cost includes spending on players first coach, second coach and physical trainer of the first team (inscribable staff according to Article 38 of the Budgeting Regulations) . This limit also includes spending on subsidiaries, quarry and other sections (non-registrable staff, as defined in Article 38 of the Budgeting Regulations).

Concepts included in the registrable and non-registrable sports workforce cost limit are fixed and variable salaries, social security, collective bonuses, acquisition expenses (including commissions for agents) and amortizations (purchase amount of players charged annually based on the number of years of the player's contract).

300 million less than salary limit  Football News 5
300 million less than salary limit  Football News 6

As detailed by the League, the lack of income from subscriptions and tickets, the reduction of the television game for the two and a half months that the championship was stopped, a greater distribution of these audiovisual rights after the agreement of the Employer with the CSD and the RFEF are the main reasons for this considerable drop in salary limits.

In fact, Thebes revealed that in July the accounts that were on the table were one billion less in salaries. From the 2,900 in the 19-20 season was lowered to 1,963 in the 20-21 season . Then, with the sales of players during the transfer period, this figure increased to just over 2,300 million, so that in total the salary cap has dropped by 600 million from last season to this.

This Salary limit exceeds what is stipulated in the League rules by 707 million euros (as long as the public does not return at any time of the season), but the League understands that the impact of the covid has been gigantic and this season has given margin for the teams to adapt to the new circumstances arising from the pandemic, whose solution is not simple or instantly: «The numbers are worrying but I am optimistic. What we cannot do is take away so much salary level at once. It's complicated, ”Thebes explained.

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