10 athletes, 5 trainers, 2 doctors, 2 functionaries. Who in the Russian sport was hooked by the coronavirus

10 athletes, 5 trainers, 2 doctors, 2 functionaries. Who in the Russian sport was hooked by the coronavirus 5
The Russian Premier League did not have time to get the approval of the authorities to finish the 2019/20 season, as cases of coronavirus infection among football players climbed out. Apparently, before that they were not so widely and thoroughly tested. And now, when the general checks began before the resumption of training, it turned out that some did not observe the self-isolation regime too carefully. The first positive test for COVID-19 in the RPL was taken by the Peruvian Lokomotiv legionnaire Jefferson Farfan . This happened on May 16th. Two days later, the virus was confirmed by the defender of Rubin Konstantin Pliev who, unfortunately, had contact in Vladikavkaz with his sibling, who plays for Dynamo Zaurbek. Togo immediately isolated. But in the evening it became known about the infection of other Dynamo – defender Roman Evgeniev goalkeeper David Sangara and striker Sylvester Igbun (the latter, however, denied the information). of them, the coronavirus was picked up by the coach of goalkeepers of blue and white Dmitry Izotov and the head of the medical staff of the team Alexey Pleskov . And even earlier, the head of the club’s board of directors Yuri Soloviev was hospitalized with a similar diagnosis. Thus, the number of cases in Dynamo alone reached six! And this does not take into account the potentially infected Zaurbek Pliev which is currently undergoing 14-day quarantine in North Ossetia. Obviously, if the problem in the RPL continues to grow at such a pace, then not only the resumption of the training process, but also the conduct of matches from June 21 to July 22. And the medical regulations of the Premier League provide for a repeated and final stop of the season in the event of a serious threat to the health of the competitors. No matter how blasphemous this sounds, it is even beneficial for some to aggravate the problem. The same “Rubin” in case of early termination of the season will secure a residence permit in RPL-2020/21, as it now occupies the 14th place, exactly above the relegation zone to the FNL. And Dynamo, having secured the sixth line, will fall into the Europa League … I want to believe this is a coincidence – that messages about infected people came from clubs interested in “zeroing out” the season. But observation, you see, is kinda. Farfan's coronavirus, by the way, also fits into this logic. Loko, fix the RPL current tournament position, generally get directly into the Champions League! The problem of coronavirus and Spartak touched. As you know, the owner of red-white Leonid Fedun has been in the hospital for several weeks. Periodically, he himself comments on his condition. According to him, he is not feeling very well, but he is slowly recovering, the dynamics are positive. Alas, this cannot be said about the father and coach of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov . Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov was admitted to a hospital in Dagestan in April with pneumonia. However, coronavirus exacerbated the health problems of the 57-year-old specialist, caused a heart complication, and the patient had to be transported to Moscow. According to media reports, Nurmagomedov Sr. fell into a coma, suffered a stroke and was connected to a ventilator. The fact that “everything is very bad with my father,” Habib confirmed on May 18 in his video message to the people of Dagestan, where now there is the largest outbreak of mortality from coronavirus among Russian regions. Alas, doctors could not save one well-known trainer. From the consequences of COVID-19 in Makhachkala at the 68th year of life, the mentor of the Russian women's wrestling team Magomed Aliomarov died. A young doctor of the basketball club CSKA Roman Abzhelilov fell a victim to the coronavirus. He was 44. Abzhelilov had a wife and two children. Earlier, because of the coronavirus infection, he had to isolate the French volleyball player of Kazan “Zenith” Erwin Ngapet who appeared in Italy figure skater Kristina Shoshina biathlete Anastasia Khaliullin cyclists Igor Boev and Dmitry Strakhov coach of the Russian national boxing team Anton Kadushin and now the former head coach of Yaroslavl Lokomotiv Mike to the place of which on May 2 he was appointed Andr th Skabelka. All of the above in the preceding paragraph infected fortunately recovered. Let's hope that everything will work out with those who are now on treatment.

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